Headlight Warning Buzzer Not Working

Used to sometimes work, now not at all. Removed and tested the buzzer itself and it does work. Changed ignition switch for other reasons and didn't fix the buzzer issue. Not sure where to look to f...


Why Won't My Car Drive In Overdrive?

I just had a used transmission put in my 1994 4 door, 2.4 L, Front Wheel Drive, Mitsubishi Expo and I was wondering what could be wrong for the car to not drive in Overdrive??? that's it...Please hel...

How To Fix My Radiator It Leaking

Radiator leaks how to fix it

Low Fuel Light

On 1994 Mitsubishi Expo Sports Wagon, when the low fuel light comes on how much gas do you have left? And/or how big is the fuel tank?


My Car Dies While Running

My car dies while running especially when coming to a stop but if I press on the brake and give it gas it'll run just fine what's the problem. Thanks