Looking To Buy A Rear Heated Glass For 1989 Mercury Topaz L

My customer is looking for a Rear Heated Glass for his 1989 Mercury Topaz L.

Passenger Window Won't Roll Up

Is there a release for my power windows so I can get it up


1994 Mercury Topaz Grinding Noise (not At The Wheels)

I have a 1994 2 Door Mercury Topaz, that is making quite a grinding noise (mostly when driving it) from the passenger side front, (where the front of the transverse engine is) and it's quite noticea...

Grinding Thumb Noise

My dad has 94 Mercury topaz and it makes a grinding noise and we have been trying to figure it can anyone tell us what it is. It's only when he drives it.

Only Runs While The Starter Is Engaged, But Shuts Off Immediately After

My moms 91' Topaz fires up when you start it and sounds like it's going to run fine, but as soon as you release the ignition from the start position, it immediately shuts off as if the fuel cuts out...