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Alarm System

The car alarm goes off at night. We tried all. Leaving car unlocked. Leaving doors locked. Still goes off. Does the car have a fuse we can disconnect permanently. Do not need alarm


My Car Has Over 232,000 Miles. Is It Worth Keeping? How Well Does Engine An...

I am concerned about how many more miles I can get from this car, with such high miles on it. Anyone out there know if they can go over 235,000 miles with no major problems?

Car Won't Start

My 2000 Mercury Sable will not start my husband got it to start drove it all the way to another town and on the way home the RPMs when all the way up to 6000 a man died and now it will not restart ...

Car Won't Start

Car won't start. Won't even turn over has a new battery in it. My huaband deove it to town fine but on his way home he was driving all the sudden the rpm goes real high it dies and now won't start ...

Can You Reset A Anti Theft Lock System On A 2004 Mercury Sable Gs

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Mercury Sable Overview

When Mercury launched the mid-size Sable four-door sedan in 1986, it set off a design trend that would last through the 1990s and into the early 21st century. That design trend was a move to more aerodynamic, rounded styling. It was a trend that would soon draw in other Mercury/Ford vehicles, such as the Taurus, as well as influence the designs of a number of vehicles from other domestic and foreign automakers.

The early Sables were distinguished by their grill-less front ends with a light bar between aerodynamic headlights, and their almost pillarless side profiles, providing excellent visibility for the driver.

The base engine for the original Sable was a 90-horsepower, 2.5-liter four cylinder, and the car was available in a number of trim packages with either a five-speed manual or a three-speed automatic transmission. A V6 version was also available.

The look of the Sable was updated in 1992, with a slimmer front light-bar and headlights and a more contemporary design. The car was stretched in length by almost four inches, and engine power was bumped up as well, with all new Sables receiving a 140-horsepower V6. This helped distinguish the Sable from the Taurus, and establish the former as a more upscale vehicle.

The third generation of the Sable arrived in 1996, with a drastic makeover that included oval headlights, an oval grille opening, and oval taillights. It was a look that tended to be rather polarizing -- drivers either loved or hated it. But enough loved it to make the Sable a very profitable vehicle for Ford.

By 2005, the Sable had become dated and even a bit musty, so Ford replaced it in the lineup with the Montego. But by 2008, with Ford in dire need of a few hits, the automaker decided to bring back many of its more popular vehicles over the past couple decades, even if in name only. So just as the Ford Five Hundred was redubbed the Taurus, the Mercury Montego was redubbed the Sable.

For 2008, the Sable's exterior styling has been updated again, with a new grille and front bumper, dual chrome exhaust tips, projector-beam headlamps, redesigned LED taillamps, integrated turn signal markers at either end of the front bumper, 17-inch seven-spoke bright aluminum wheels, and a satin finish on the sideview mirrors and door handles. It's a look that should serve the Sable well as it rides into the coming years.

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