Need Help Getting A Motorcraft 4300 To Run.

hey guys! i have a 1973 mercury marquis 460 with a Motorcraft 4300 (d3vf- ca). I have been tinkering with this carburetor for the past ~2 month but cant get it to run. Everytime i try to start the ca...

How To Remove Ignition Coil On 97 Grand Marquise

How to get at the ignition coil for removal on a 97 Mercury Grand Marquise

Engine Swap

Will a 2002 motor for a grand marquis fit in a 2001 grand marquis?


Problem With A 73 Marquis Stalling

hey guys! i have a 1973 mercury marquis 460 sedan. now the when I take the car for a ride after about 5 minutes the car will have a complete loss of power the gas pedal stop responding and if I keep t...


Holley Street Avenger Running Too Rich.

Hey guys! I installed a Holley street avenger 770 on my 460. The car runs but I have black smoke coming out of the exhaust and I keep fouling my spark plugs. The carburetor came with .70 main jets t...