Where Is Oil Pressure Sensor

I bought a 1991 Mercury Capri and the sensor does not work. Can you tell me where to locate it so I can put a new one in?

New Xr2 Owner On The Block!

Just bought an xr2 turbo with 100,000 miles on it. Never been in an accident, good condition considering its age, a fun project car for me. Just got it yesterday, was driving it home, and noticed that...

Will Not Do Anything Until A Jump Wire In The Fuse Box Is Put In

The battery was hooked backwards briefly and now it won't crank without putting a jump wire in the fuse box where the relay goes.

Fuel Delivery Problem ?????

I have a 1976 Capri " Black Cat " , just out of 5 storage . The fuel tank was dry during the time .I added enough gas to bring the gauge up to 1/2 a tank , crank & crank , but no fuel at the c...