2001 Mazda Protege Compression Issues

I had a blown head gasket overheat the car that caused it to die before I could get pulled over. Pulled the head and it looked in good shape with obvious signs of a leak in the head gasket. Replac...

How Can I Tell If My Speedometer Is Digital Or Analog?

I just bought a used Mazda Protege and the speedo doesn't work. Is it hard to replace the speedo cable?


Do I Fill The Radiator With New Coolant Or The Reservoir Tank Or Both.

I am doing a radiator flush on my mazda protege 2002. I have already drained the nasty nasty, filled radiator back up with water and a radiator flush cleaner for good measure. Turned heater full ...

Why Does My Car Idle But Wont Go?

My Mazda will start and idle for a little bit then die