Clutch Pedal Sticks To The Floor

About 4 months ago I was coasting to a stop with the pedal pushed in. As I went to pull away the pedal didn’t return. It only happened again when I had the clutch pushed in for awhile. Stopped dri...


2000 Mazda Protege Won't Shift Into 4th Gear(automatic]

My little pos car. It won't shift in to 4th gear, but here's the part that gets me. When it hits over 2500rpms the battery light comes on and the air bag light flashes 3 times pause and then 3 more...


2002 Protege AC Not Cooling

Just bought 02 protégé 4 - 2.0. AC light comes on, fan blows on all speeds but no cold air. Compressor DOES come on. Fuses both inside car & under hood both good. I added 1 can of R134 freon thr...

Car Trouble Cranks But No Start

What is the cause when a car cranks but no start and no engine light on? But has brand new coil and wires and still no power? Please help!