1981 Sedan Value?

im looking at a 1981 626 on craigslist. its in excellent condition. the only rust is on the rear quarter panel and you have to be on the ground to see it. it has 49k miles and was stored in a garage...


What Pickup Body Would Best Suit A Mazda 626 Engine?

I want to find a compatible pickup body for my motor. Engine swap. I have a 1996 2l Mazda 626 executive whose body has deteriorated but the motor is still good. I want to move the engine to a comp...

It Will Run Until It Gets Hot Let It Cool Offf And It Will Stare Back Up

it will run until it gets hot then it dies let it cool off it will strate back up

What Year Mazda 626's Will Be Compatible With My 1999 Mazda 626

wrecked front end going to the junk yard to look for parts need to know what year mazda 626's will be compatible with my 1999 mazda 626. please help

Mazda 626 Overview

The Mazda 626 is best remembered as a mid-sized sedan, but it started life as a compact, and even came as a hatchback for a few years.

The 626 was introduced in 1979. It was one of the first cars to offer a split rear seat, significantly increasing cargo space. Later, the 626 offered other innovative features, like swinging vents.

By the late '80s, the 626 included enough American-made parts to classify as a domestic car, much to the chagrin of buyers who though they were getting a Japanese car. In particular, many owners had problems with the Ford-made automatic transmission, which was the same one used in the Ford Probe.

The 626 was discontinued after 2002 to make way for the all new Mazda 6.

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