My Mazda 323 Dont Take Gear1 And2

Where Does The Transmission Fluid Go In Can't Find A Dipstick

only see 1 dipstick

Crankshaft Position Sensor Location

Hello, I have a mazda 323 1.5i (engine code Z5-DE), that has problems starting when warm. I have narrowed the problem to the crankshaft position sensor and have bought a new one. My problem now is t...


Fuel Issues

Can't seem to get fuel into the injectors. Car fires for 1/2 a sec, then nothing. Checked EFI relay, it's good. Fuel pump relay was bad, replaced. All fuses are fine. Fuel pump is fine. Have not chec...

Mazda 323 Overview

The Mazda 323 was a small, compact hatchback that is closely related to the Protege. Although some say it is unattractive, the 323 was beloved for its economy and reliability.

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