MINI Roadster Questions

Lower The Price Of My Mini. Don Simpson, 913 362 6623. New Price $17,499.

Lower the price of my Mini to $17,499.

My 2013 Mini Cooper Roadster S Needs A New Engine

..i was quoted $7000 to repair with a used engine. I owe $9000.. what would you do?

I Want To Buy A New Car! 2020; NoT WhaT , Y' All Keep Plugging.

I Want a wo-manual transmission! Within California! 2 doors. White Top. Sun/Moon Roof opt. NOT BLACK. NOT SILVER! NEW ..and Nearby! Your Menu is Terrible!

I Have A Mini Roadster But The Drivers Seat Seems To Be Wet When Ther Is A ...

lately my mini roadster drivers seat seem to be wet when bad weather it is a convertible but the roof seems ok can u advose