How Do I Adjust Idle On My 79 Mgb

its idling at 1400 rpm's


Engine Races On Startup

Prior to work car ran perfectly with new exhaust but leak at manifold. I removed the twin SU carbs (new 30,000 miles ago) and manifolds a couple of weeks ago to replace the exhaust manifold (stripp...

Price Range Of An 1980 L

What would a price range on my 1980 MGB. Good condition with a 5 speed transmission we put in it. Color is Flame

1966 MGB Starts But Have To Turn It Over 100 Times First

I have to turn over the starter dozens of times, before it will start


How To Re-activate Listing After 30 Days?

I have tried to re-active my listing after more than 30 days and it will not show it active.