I Need More Info About OIL LEAKS In A 1979MGB

Is it common for MGB's to leak engine oil? Do the seals/gaskets need to be routinely changed such as evry 2 years or so?

Mgb Starter Will Not Engage

My starter will not engage. I bench tested it works. Installed it ran power from brown wire relay to black have continuity. The relay clicks when energised but nothing to the starter. Help

Mgb Starting Problems

On my 1977 MGB, I replaced the battery and starter motor and when I turn the key I hear a click at the relay but no cloink at the starter. It still doesn't turn over, what am I doing wrong? can you p...

What Is The Purpose Of Shims For MGB Engine Mounts?

How do you determine how many to put on each side?

How Can I Post A 1977 Car

I have a 1977 MGB which I would like to post. I see otheres on the site but the system says I can't post anything earlier than 1981.