Lexus CT Hybrid Questions

Brought A Car As Is Not 30 Days In Richmond VA

i purchased a used car and spent 10k on a lemon. rva MOTORS DIDN'T TELL ME IT WAS A REBUILT TITLE AND LEFT MATERIAL INFO OUT THAT WOULD HAVE KEPT ME FROM Buying this vehicle the undercarriage of ca...

How To Get A BEST DEAL Tag On My Listing

How can I get a green BEST DEAL tag to show on my car for sale listing?

Is There A 10 Year Warranty On Tesla Battery In A CT200h?

I understand the Lexus CT200h hybrid has a Tesla battery which is guaranteed for 10 years. I can't find that information in any of the paperwork that came with the car, but a friend who has the same...


how much should you deduct if car has a rebuilt title


Do I Have To Replace A Punctured Tire?

Hi, Last Wednesday (Sept 4), the low tire pressure light came up on the dashboard. While I had the oil change done, I asked the mechanic to fill the air. He did and told me that I had two nails, on...