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SilverRock - CARVANA Warranty Services

My daughter just bought a car from Carvana, and we are having a variety of issues. Would appreciate any feedback relative to your experience with SilverRock, the company that provides Carvana's war...


2016 Kia Forte 5 - Engine Failure

Hi, My husband and I drive a 2016 Kia Forte5. Bought brand new. Have had for 5.5 years. Just over 100,000km on it. A week ago we started to hear a weird noise and then the engine light & oil light...

2015 Kia Forte 5 Needs Right Front Boot Repaired

right front boot needs to be repaired. how is this done?

Need Help With A Notification Sound On My 2015 Kia Forte5

Just purchased my Kia, and accidentally set off the panic alarm this week. Since then, every time I unlock the car and then start the engine, I get a siren (alarm) sound for about 10 seconds. No l...

Engine Knock And Oil Light Coming On In A 2011 Kia Forte

My Car engine started knocking but it is not a continuous knock it is worse when it is first started and doesn't seem to knock when driving down the road unless I tramp down on the gas or let off...