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Keep It Bogs Down When You Try To Accelerate When It Running

Starts runs at ideal but bogs down when you try to accelerate?

Why Is My Oil Pressure Gauge Bottom Out Past 80psi?

When I start my jeep the oil pressure gauge shoots past 80psi and stays there. When I shut the jeep off goes to 0. It doesn't slowly move to 80psi it just goes straight past 80psi as soon as it is ...

Why Are My Marks Not Lining Up?

My timing chain is stretched. The marks on my sprockets line up but the mark on my crank wheel doesn't line up with the marks on the timing cover when cylinder 1 is at tdc compression stroke. Not ...

Why Do I Keep Stalling When I Dont Press The Gas

Drives but kinda loud and ruff. Then stalls sometimes either when I let off gas for to long or just startup but when I put gas it stays on.

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