INFINITI QX60 Questions

Noise When Pressing Accelerator Slightly

After a service with my oil change, filter change, there is a clicking sound when I press the accelerator pedal slightly when driving or even parking. The noise is directly associated with the acceler...

How Can I Search For Hybrid Vehicles?

Why is there no way to search for the fuel type of a vehicle? I am specifically looking for a hybrid.

Can You Trade In Your Car To Purchase Through CarGurus

how would a trade in be determined

I'm Looking To Add Original Equipment To My QX60 Infiniti 2019 , Can You H...

How do I add a motion sensor to lift gate on infiniti QX60 2019?

Sound From The Wheel (tire Sound Whizzling At Certain Speeds)

I have been getting a tire sound at certain speeds especially noisy at certain speeds like 45 mph a little bit, but then at 55 mph its much louder and the sound is hard to describe. It sounds like a...