Need Help Changing Getz Door Weather Strip

outer strip on all four doors

About The Clutch

55000 miles the clutch is slipping. is there an adjustment or is this a clutch plate chang?


Cannot Get The Lh Driveshaft Out Of The Gearbox

Drive shaft seems stuck in the gearbox on left hand side on Getz cdri, I need to remove in order to replace the clutch. Please help!

Catback System

I've been looking everywhere for an aftermarket Catback for my Hyundai getz 1.6 but there is nothing for the 1.6. I am wanting to increase the size of the Catback as well but nothing. Please help.

Hyundai Getz Seat Rail Extensions

So my Hyundai Getz which my uncle gave me is great but I'm 5"8 and quite a big man, so it's super cramped and close to the pedals, my seats all the way back but I feel I need just a tad more room to...