Oil Pressure Sensor Vs Oil Pressure Switch

are oil pressure switch and sensor the same thing on a 97 honda prelude

Is There A Weber Conversionj Kit Avail

is there a weber carbuerator conversion kit avail

Are They Fast?

1989 Prelude, Alternator Or Battery

I drove 200 miles with no issues. Drove around couple of short trips after, no issues. Let car sit 12 hours, dead . no clicking sound at all. Found one connector on battery was loose, so I tighte...

Honda Prelude Overview

Speed. Performance. Reliability. Power. Looks. And the Honda code of reliability. What more could you ask for?

The Honda Prelude is a really decent, sporty like car with a superb engine producing lots of horsepower. But, kind of a staid, conservative look and noisy inside.

Honda stopped making it in 2001, so you can still find some around in decent shape. But the S2000 seems to have overtaken this car.

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