How Do I Sell An Older Car?

How do I list and sell my 1998 Honda Prelude

Repair Fuel In My Air Box.

I have a 87 prelude I am getting fuel in my air box half way up the fiber . Soaked in gas.?


My Car Is Manual Trans When I First Pulled The Fill Bolt On Trans Case 6L O...

i pull the fill bolt again to check and fluid gushes out again and smells kinda like is my transmission gaining fluid? the engine oil is fine. how could gas get past the whole engine and i...


1987 Honda Prelude Transmission Won't Go Into 5th

My son just acquired a 1987 prelude. The guy he got it from had just replaced the clutch, but now 5th is non existent and reverse is hard to get into. Is this a clutch adjust issue or a new transmi...

Is There A Weber Conversionj Kit Avail

is there a weber carbuerator conversion kit avail

Honda Prelude Overview

Speed. Performance. Reliability. Power. Looks. And the Honda code of reliability. What more could you ask for?

The Honda Prelude is a really decent, sporty like car with a superb engine producing lots of horsepower. But, kind of a staid, conservative look and noisy inside.

Honda stopped making it in 2001, so you can still find some around in decent shape. But the S2000 seems to have overtaken this car.

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