5.7 Vortec Motor Wont Start. Cranks But Wont Start.

i have a 1998 GMC Sierra K1500 with the 5.7 vortec motor. i have replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, spider injectors, crankshaft position sensor, distributor, cap and roto...

What Tranmission Fits My 1989 Gmc 1500?

I am trying to find out what year range of transmissions that i can put in my 1989 gmc c1500 with the 305 5.0L. As its looking like i will have to find a parts truck.

1995 GMC C1500 5.7 Engine Tick

I have a 1995 C1500 with a 350. It has recently developed a ticking sound. It can be heard right when it starts up then goes away. Comes back when it is fully warmed up. Good oil pressure, no excess...

Passenger Door Window Replacement

Can any window fit my 89 gmc passenger side window

Does Anyone Have Any Advice On What To Do Next?

I bought a brand new 5.7 for my 98 GMC k1500. The truck cranks fine. When I take off it stumbles like crazy especially when you first crank it. Doesn't have any problem idling. I notice when I go t...