I Have A Dead GMC Envoy?

Hauled GMC Envoy on trailer. ran the day before. Went to move it off the trailer and the battery was dead. couldn't get it fired up so we put it in neutral while the key was in accessory position an...


No Fire At The Coils On My Envoy

my envoy will not start from time to time I check and has no fire at coil packs, a hot 12 volts with ign on then all the sudden it gets fire and starts have replaced ign switch,map sensor,oilpressure ...

Shuts Off When You Turn On Ac

Not Moving

Just change transmission, put everything back, engine turns on but not moving on any gear. What could be wrong?



I have changed radiator cap, radiator, water houses, thermostat, I don't see any leaks, don't hear any noise and keeps overheating. I removed the thermostat. And is ok. But my check engine light ...

GMC Envoy XL Overview

Think of the Envoy XL as a longer, stronger version of the popular Envoy SUV. Introduced in 2002 and retired in 2006, the XL increases the Envoy's seating capacity from 5 to 7. The powertrain started out as a 4.2 L, 270 hp I6 and increased to 291 hp in the end, with the XL Denali upping the ante to a 5.3 L, 300 hp V8.

Increased passenger capacity leaves less room for cargo, with the XL handling a minimum of 23.4 cubic feet as opposed to the 43.7 cubic feet in the regular Envoy. Expect to get around 14 mpg in the city and 20 on the highway.

While the Envoy XL no longer exists, its spirit lives on in the Acadia that GMC introduced in 2007.

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