How many Horses did a Sierra Cozzie have when produced?

Ford Sierra Body Kit

I have a 1988 year old Ford Siera, i have a chage engine 2.0 GLX to 3.0 TDI, ok its nothing for me :) Ok, i have a little visual tuning with bumpers and spoilers, but i feel its something missin, i n...


Rear Wheel Bearings

does any one no how hard rear wheel bearings are to change on a k reg . can they be done at home . am fairly compitant with tools as have changed ball joints brakes and cam cover gasket .


How Many Years Did The Xr4i Stay In Production?

how many years did the ford sierra xr4i stay in production?


Why Is The Ford Sierra XR4x4 Not Very Well Known

why is the Ford sierra xr4x4 so unknown, on classic car shows i have not every seen one nor once. i have one the 2.9 v6 its a wonderful car, but trying to get parts are not easy.