KLZE Swaped Probe

i am just wonder how many probes are out there with the KLZE swap done ???? p/s if someone has a question on the swap i can tell you the answer or find it for you


Ford Probe Gt Klze Power Steering Pump Help ?

i got a 93 ford probe gt i swapped in a klze engine, the power steering pump is not matching with pressure lines , do i need to replace the lines to mazda lines instead of ford lines? help please...


Hi CarGurus, I received an email from you stating that I need to photograph a piece of paper in my window with VGLMY for Cargurus or my listing will be taken down. I live in in NYC and my car is ...

Whars Wrong With My Car?

I have recent brought a ford probe and it was running fine but then i left the light on in it and the battery went flat so i brought a new battery and put it in and ever since the car has been sctt...

Fuel To Remove

How to remove fuel pump