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What Transmission And Motor Can I Use As Replacments For A Pinto 1975?

My nieghbor recently gave me his old 75 pinto he had it parked in the back yard for about 2 years and needed it gone. The car itself is in pretty good shape only problem is that he sold the transm...


Is It Possible To Retool A Ford Pinto?

I wanna know if it's possible to retool or rebuild a ford Pinto so that the gas tank can be put somewhere else? I am thinking about becoming a mechanic when I am older and I actually wanna rebuild a ...


I removed all pollution and water line through carburetor. I can't get it to idle under 1100RPM. I have no vacuum leaks. The only thing I have found is to get the dwell into specs must reduce the po...


Is It Possible To Add Ac And Power Steering To A Pinto 1980?

I'm buying an 1980 pinto and being as old as it is apparently it has no AC or power steering I don't know if it has a heater either, isn't here any way to customize it to have these things if so ho...

1970 Pinto Fuel Tank?

Does anyone know where i can find a 1970 pinto fuel tank?

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