Parking Brake Light Switch For A 1978 Ford Granada

Where is the parking brake light switch for a 1978 Ford Granada located and what does it look like? The parking brake dash light stays on constantly even though the rear brakes and cables are not d...


How Many 1978 Ford Granads Were Made With A 302 4 Speed

I own a 1978 ford Granada that was ordered with a 302 4 speed with bench seat. Does anyone know how many were made with this package?

Brake Problems

When I stop moderately hard on dry pavement, the car pulls to the left and eventually making the left front tire skid. On wet roads, the car will pull to the left and will slide for a long time bef...

I Cant Locate OEM Or ROS Weatherstripping For My Granada

1976 Ford Granada 2 door. Special Order. Not a Ghia nor a Basic. The build sheet indicates that the car was ordered as a special order from the factory office.

Color Name?

Hi, Can anyone tell me what the name of the exterior color of this Granada is? It's the green Granada L from the Dutch brochure of 1979. It is a question in a contest, but I can't find the answer... ...