64 Galaxie 500XL Frame Swap W 96 Lincoln Town Car

Anyone frame swapped a 64 galaxie XL w a 96 Lincoln Town Car? I'm about to begin. Wheel base is a near match within an inch or so... And the low profile air ride geometries will help. Having owned...

Still Won't Start

New battery, new cylinoid, new battery starter cable... New starter .... Still clicking when trying to start... Shim starter ? Anyone familiar with 64 500 xl 390

Ford 1970 Galaxie 500 Frame Swap

Hello..i have a two door 1970 Galaxie 500,and want too know if i can do a frame swap with a 1970 convertible

What Do I Have To Do To Get To The Heater Core In A 1965 Galaxie That Has A...

I know that the heater core is on the passenger side under the dash, what is the best way to replace it?