Ford Festiva Tires For 1990 Car

I cannot find tires for a 1990 ford festiva anywhere, help! The original tires were 145SR12. Any resources out there for 4 tires to fit this little gem.

I Need Wheels For My Ford Festiva

Where can I Get wheels for my ford festiva 1993 model


Alternator Electrical Hook-ups

I bought a new alternator, and it has no hook-up slot that goes up to the carburetor choke coil. Where else can I get the proper voltage source for the Choke coil to operate correctly?


Power Source To Choke Coil From Alternator

I bought a new alternator for my 1988 Ford Festiva LX. It doesn't have a power hook-up for the electrical line as shown in my picture of the old alternator. What other power source can I use to get ...