Ford F-350 Questions

Heater Doesn't Work?

F350 heater doesn't work looks like hoses are gone and one is capped off where do I start?

Flex Fuel Vehicles

What is the life expectancy compared to normal gas vehicles? What happens when you change from one fuel to another?


1978 Ford E-350 Econoline Chateau 7.5L Camper

My camper needs a mechanical fuel pump but I cannot find one hereabouts. Any help would be appreciated. I have exhausted my book of Who's Who.

1973 Super Camper Special 4 Wheel Drive

I recently purchace a 1973 ford f350 super camper special.I was told it was a very low production due to the fact its a 4 wheel drive dana 44 front and 60 rear,it has the 140 inch wheel base and the s...

Do You Sell Ambulances Used?

Do you sell used ambulances?

Ford F-350 Overview

The F-350 is a heavy duty pickup truck in Ford's popular F-Series of trucks. Based on the Ford F-150, the world's best-selling truck, the Ford F350 has a heavier frame and more rugged suspension designed for serious hauling and towing.

You'll find the Ford F-350 in a number of commercial fleets, as well as on farms, ranches, and job sites across America and around the world. Its reputation as a tough workhorse is well deserved!

Since 1999, the Ford F-350 has been marketed to the public as the Ford F-350 Super Duty.

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