Ford F-250 Questions

Have An 87 Ford F250 With A 460 Engine And Carburetor I Can Get It To Run F...

It will only run for about a mile before I have to pull over sniff let it sit do it will run properly

1970 F-250

I am so frustrated with how finicky the truck is when trying to start. It turns over (new, strong battery) but after about 2 minutes, it peters out and won't restart. Gas in both tanks. Gas in aux...

Buying A High Mileage Truck

Looking for reliable truck. Is $3,900 to much for a 03 ford f-150 xtl with 243,000 on it it is in great condition it needs head gasket.

Why Dont My Radio Windows And Interior Lights Work

Changed bulb in my overhead console and now my radio,windows,and interior dash lights dont work


Why No Spark No Start

Ok my brother and husband have a 1994 Ford F250 4x4 5 speed with the 460 motor in it nice good running truck or at least it was a few days ago it just wouldn't start and still won't start they hav...

Ford F-250 Overview

The F-250 is Ford's three-quarter-ton pickup truck, rounding out the highly popular F series of trucks. Building on the success of the F-150, the world's best-selling truck, the F-250 was designed as a sturdier vehicle with greater hauling capacity.

Launched under its current model name in 1953, the Ford F-250 was marketed as a working vehicle for farm, ranch, and job site. In 1997, the heavier, more rugged F-250 Super Duty line was inaugurated, featuring a heftier frame and stiffer suspension.

You'll see the F250 in many commercial fleet applications, including some with modifications for U-Haul. In an era of shaky market strength for Ford, the F-Series continues to be a strong seller.

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