Ford F-250 Questions

Transmission Description

My ad says five speed transmission it is automatic I called your customer service office today (12/11/2023) the young lady was very nice but her English was confusing Can you change my transmissi...

My 95 Ford F250 Is Skipping

I just bought a 1995 Ford F250 and it is skipping when it shifts into 2nd gear. It jerks when it shifts. I just turned the 2nd tank on. Could that be the problem? I didn't notice before I turned ...

Dual Fuel Tank On Ford 250 1993

is there a dash fuel selector knob? or does the fuel automatically move when one tank is empty?

Ford F-250 Overview

The F-250 is Ford's three-quarter-ton pickup truck, rounding out the highly popular F series of trucks. Building on the success of the F-150, the world's best-selling truck, the F-250 was designed as a sturdier vehicle with greater hauling capacity.

Launched under its current model name in 1953, the Ford F-250 was marketed as a working vehicle for farm, ranch, and job site. In 1997, the heavier, more rugged F-250 Super Duty line was inaugurated, featuring a heftier frame and stiffer suspension.

You'll see the F250 in many commercial fleet applications, including some with modifications for U-Haul. In an era of shaky market strength for Ford, the F-Series continues to be a strong seller.

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