2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

issues with starting, truck runs fine for a couple weeks and then it won't turn over, wait a day and it starts right up and runs great, could it be the starter going out

I Recently Changed Out My Thermostat

I changed out my thermostat and realized there was what looks like a popcorn bag made of some sponge like material inside of the engine block is this normal

Lift Lock To Simulate Key Action For Alarm Disarm

I have a 1999 explorer. door key does not turn door lock, can I lift the lock knob to simulate using the door key to unlock? or must I remove the door panel and push/pull locking rod?

My Explorer Is Not A Sport Trac , I Can't Edit It

I also need to enter my Vin and it keeps giving me an error saying it can't

Fuse Location For Power Windows For A 2002 Ford Explorer

Fuse location for power windows

Ford Explorer Sport Overview

The Ford Explorer Sport was a niche model that got left behind as Ford marketed the Explorer, its flagship midsize SUV, increasingly to a suburban family-transportation market.

The Explorer Sport, based on the entry-level XLS trim of 2000, maintained a separate brand identity designed to appeal to drivers who had been drawn to the earlier Explorer models for their ruggedness and off-road potential.

As the Explorer's wheelbase grew, and as its interior became more lush, the Explorer Sport (which kept the 2000 platform) looked smaller and more agile in comparison to its suburban cousin.

It was the success of the Ford Escape, launched in 2001, that finally proved to be the end of the Explorer Sport. Rather than redesign the outdated model, the suits in Dearborn decided simply to discontinue the Explorer Sport and leave that market niche to the Escape.

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