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Car Won't Start.

I have an 03 ford escort that won't start. I have spark and fuel. I have replaced battery, fuel injectors, crank and camshaft position sensor, coil pack, spark plugs and wires, engine coolant temp...

I Have A 1997 Ford Escort LX 2.0 .

I have replaced the fuel pump , alternator , battery and relay . It will turn over like its outta gas but won't crank.


Where Is The O2 Sensor In My 1998 Zx2

I have the part, but can't seem to locate the o2 sensor

What Is Wrong With My Clutch? 98 Ford Escort LX

I'll describe it like when you're low on brake fluid... My clutch pedal wouldn't "catch" until fully pressed down.. and when shifting gears i would have to force it into it.. up until I couldn't for...

Ford Escort Zx2 Coup

When I drive my ford it shifts fine into 1st 2nd and 3rd perfect but once I come to a complete stop it no longer what's to drive, or reverse what can cause this to happen?