Why Does My Transmission Not Take Any Gears?

98 csvt. Was driving normal stopped at a light then suddenly no gears shifter moves freely clutch is still tight. There was no pop or noise.

Random No Power Ford Contour

sometimes I turn the key and there is nothing, I fiddle with things then it will crank. It seems their has to be a short in the wiring somewhere, Is this a common problem for ford contours

Rpm And Gears

My RPMs are staying at are high 3000 RPMs in 5th gear

1999 Ford Countour SVT

When I go to start the vehicle it clicks once and then like drains the battery. I'm trying to figure out what the issue could be it was going down the road just fine then stalled out it wouldn't po...

I Need To Recharge The Ac In My 1998 SVT, Where Is The Low Side Valve?

I don't know where the low side of the AC is. I think I've found it, but if I'm wrong, I could really screw things up!