Van Drives Then Loses All Power

My ford areostar drives but will lose power and it takes 30 to 60 mins to get it to go again and I have to gas it to get it to go and it Idles ruff anyone know what I should start with first

Ecm Location

where is the engine control module located

1995 Aeostar Van Airbag Light Flashing

-had thermal fuse replaced $900. Light still on code is 34. Now they tell me the I need a new airbag $1,000. Help do I? never an accident. Can we just continue driving it?

95 Ford Aerostar Window Regulator

I bought an 95 Aerostar, and the passenger power window didn’t work to begin with and the drivers window stopped working a month ago. I tried replacing the switch and it didn’t do anything. My mec...

1994 Aerostar Wont Start After Being Vandalized.

Vehicle was vandalized and someone stole the four relays near the driver side firewall. Replaced the relays, and it still will not start. I've checked to see if anything else was stolen. Everything...

Ford Aerostar Overview

Launched in 1985, the Aerostar was Ford's first entry into the minivan market. Like its popular Econoline panel vans, the Aerostar was built on a truck chassis: the upside of this was rugged durability, but the downside was a less agile feel than many other minivans of the day.
The Aerostar's design reflected the futuristic look that was popular in the mid '80s. Its front end seems almost reminiscent of the early space shuttles, a resemblance Ford capitalized on in its advertising.
Unfortunately, the Aerostar's safety and recall record was a little too reminiscent of the space shuttle's. Issues with the electric system and with the transmission, especially in the 1990s, led to pretty extensive recalls on some models.

Still, if you've got a good Aerostar, it seems to live forever. The sturdy body construction and solid platform make this reliable and functional transportation.

The Aerostar began to be phased out in favor of the Windstar in 1995; 1997 was the last model year for the Ford Aerostar minivan.

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