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My Cv Shaft Imply With The Gearbox Fiat Coupe 20v N/a

Hi! The gearshift half-axle collides with the gearbox. No noises, i am about to replace the gearbox. What can be the problem? I included 2 photos about what collides with the gearbox and where.


Own A 2000 Fiat Coupe. The Clutch Is Going Out, And I Have Almoast Have To...

The clutch is going out. I push the clutch down to the floor and I have almoast have to force it into gear. When I release the clutch it only comes up about half way and then almoast springs out comp...


Why Is The Radiator Fan Not Working?


Looking For A Fiat Coupe 16VT/20VT In California

Hi, i'm looking for a Fiat Coupe that is street legal in California, as anyone happend to know about such a car around here?

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