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I Have A 1995 Eagle Talon 420a Dohc I Want To Put A 2.4 Head On It Was Wond...

I want to put a 2.4 head on my 2.0 block I was wondering what would be compatible with a 1995 eagle talon esi 420a dohc

95 Talon ESi And TSi BODY

Does the 95 Talon ESi and TSi have the exact same body? Meaning same front bumper, fenders and hood? Reason I ask is my daughter hit a deer and only damaged those parts. Otherwise the car is fine...

My Gas Pedal Will Not Engage When I Push On It.

Before I started having this problem the battery terminal touched the strut bar and shorted out the battery and the car immediately died. I replaced the battery and the car starts, but when I push th...

Turbo/cat Converter

car with new turbo and cat converter - plugs foul rapidly, boost gauge pegs, running terrrible

Starting Problems.

My uncle has a talon that has been sittin for about 18 months now. We put a brand new battery in it and the car won't start. It doesn't get power to the alternater. (I believe) but then again I'm no...

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