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Sluggish Response. Slow To Accelerate

As I accelerate it gains speed slower than normal and at times very slow. Just started this recently

I Am Looking For A Used Dodge Promaster/Sprinter Van With A Warranty. Like ...

Like to test drive and/or rent one for a weekend to see if it is the van for me what is closest dealership to San Mateo that I can visit today?

2007 Sprinter Voltage Overcharging

I have a 2007 Sprinter Diesel and have replaced the Alternator 4x's and JUST put another one in 3 days ago. I finally put a voltage tester on the battery terminal and when I am at idle the voltage g...

Coach Batteries Not Charging With Engine

Having a probem with my 2004 dodge/sprinter 2500 Roadtrek outfitted. The 2 coach batteries not charging with engine. Shore power and generator charge ok. Volt meter reading ok on battery seperator,...

2005 Sprinter How Do You Turn On The Daytime Running Lights?

Bought an 05 in the States, now I have it in Canada and need the daytime runners working any ideas??

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2004 Dodge Sprinter Cargo Overview
2004 Dodge Sprinter Cargo
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2003 Dodge Sprinter Cargo Overview
2003 Dodge Sprinter Cargo
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Dodge Sprinter Cargo Overview

The Dodge Sprinter Cargo van began life as a Mercedes-Benz van in Europe in 1995, but came to the U.S. in 2003 as part of the merger between Chrysler and Daimler. Like its passenger-van counterpart, the Sprinter Cargo retains Mercedes-Benz engineering and a European look, setting it apart from blander workhorses from Ford and GM. Also setting it apart is its higher pricetag. It's used mainly for commercial purposes.

Available in 2500 and 3500 models, the Sprinter Cargo boasts best-in-class features, such as step-in height, side and rear door access, and interior space. With a choice of three roof heights, the Sprinter Cargo is the only U.S. van that allows people to stand upright inside. A refresh in 2007 streamlined its profile and added more options in length and height, increasing its overall utilitarian versatility. Standard features and safety equipment are impressive, and a long list of options remind you that behind the Dodge label is a Mercedes-Benz personality.

The Sprinter Cargo has yet to make a dent in the sales of Ford and GM, perhaps due to its high price and lack of a powerful engine. Currently it offers both a gasoline and turbodiesel V6, but the absence of a V8 option is noticeable. However, for those needing top-notch cargo space, versatility, and a more refined driving experience than you'll get in most commercial vans, the Dodge Sprinter Cargo stands out from the rest.

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