What V8 Will Fit In Dodge D50 RAM?

I would like to install a V8 in my Dodge D50 RAM made by Mitsibitsi(excuse bad spelling). What engine has been used in the past?Thanks,

Hard Brake Pedal

I drove my truck 2 days ago and the brakes were working fine. Today I drove it and my pedal was hard to push and would barely stop the truck. The fluid level is good. What else might it be?

Do You Have A Drawig With Dimensions From A RAM50 Chassis Frame?

Hi! I have a 1994 Mitsubishi L200 4WD Pickup, which is theoretically the same car as Dodge RAM50. I have to repair the chassis frame. It would be very helpfull a drawing or some kind of CAD file from ...

Engine And Transmission Swap

Is there any modern engine and transmission I can put into the 89 dodge ram 50