1990 Dodge Power Ram W150 No Spark From Coil

I have a 90 Dodge Power Ram LE w150 4x4 that was converted from Automatic to Manual(By previous owner, who seemed more than competent enough to connect everything properly) He had left it in his yard...

What Will Cause Overdrive To Work And Stop On Rebuilt Transmission

had a second Rebuilt trans installed in my truck in the past 4 months. never one has overdrive working right. sometime it will engage and then disengage what could this be?

Turns By Won't Start. 1990 Dodge D I50

Hard rime starting it rough idle, cuts out and dies when driving. Replaced the distributor cap, rotor and new wires. It turnsover butbwont start. Advice is greatly appreciated.thank you

What’s This Button For?

I have square button left of the radio that lights up red when pushed. Can someone please tell me what it’s for?

Why Won't It Start?

A week ago I thought it was the fuel pump but it was kicking out 40psi. I was told it could possibly be the distributor module...has anyone dealt with this before