1969 Dodge Polara 500 Convertible

will parts from a 1972 Dodge D-250 polara fit my 1969 dodge polara 500 convertible

Alternator Amperage

What amperage alternator do I need for a 1968 Dodge Polara four door hard top with factory air conditioning?


What Is A 1967 Dodge Polara Fully Restored Worth

67 Dodge Polara 383 2brl costom paint 14" rims 2/12 in white walls and new ong. hub caps

1960 Dodge Polara/is

My Father (83 y/o) has a 1960 Dodge Polaris Hardtop in his garage. Can anyone give me an idea of its value. My parents need to part with it due to medical bills.

What Price Would You Expect To Pay For An Original 65 Polara In Good Origin...

Hello my name is Mark and I live in Melbourne Australia and I have a real liking for a 65 Dodge Polara.I am willing to export one to Australia.What would I expect to pay for a good clean polara in o...