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I Have Submitted My Car For Sale And Would Like To Cancel It For A Later Da...

I want to cancel my do I remove it?

2005 Dodge Magnum

I have a 2005 dodge magnum says fuel injector on 6 cylinder is stuck open an misfiring I replaced injector coil pack an spark plug still says the same thing. Idk were to go from here

05 Dodge Magnum With 2.7l, Engine Swap.

I got a 05 magnum with a 2.7l an the original engine had bad compression in the #1 & #3 cylinders. I bought a completely remaned engine an installed it an now it had a rough idle. I bought all new sen...

Loud Rattle Under Hood And No Ecceleration

I was driving my 05 Dodge magnum and all of a it sounded like it lost air compression somewhere and the car slowed down and began to rattle really bad. I could pick up speed at the start of a drive...

2006 5.7 Hemi, Knocking And Cylinder 8 Misfire

I have a 2006 dodge magnum r/t with the 5.7 hemi. It randomly started knocking one morning and hasn't quit. I haven't been driving it much since (maybe like 30 minutes all together since it starte...

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1979 Dodge Magnum
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Dodge Magnum Overview

Like the Phoenix rising from its ashes, reborn into something greater and even more powerful, the wood-paneled boxy station wagon driven by Mike and Carol Brady died long ago and was recently reborn as the Hemi-driven Dodge Magnum.

The Dodge Magnum originally appeared on the market back in 1978 as a replacement for the plain-Jane Charger SE. Initially a two-door coupe housing a V8 engine, the Magnum was the last Dodge to compete on the racing circuit. The first generation was and still is loved by nostalgic Mopar fans, as it represents the last of a classic era, but bears little resemblance to the current crossover vehicle. Only the name remains the same.

Looking to provide the utility and functionality of an SUV in the body of a family car but with the engine power and acceleration of a sports racer, Dodge created the new Magnum in 2005 to offer a faster, sexier, and more fuel-efficient alternative to the SUV. With its top-of-the-line model sporting a 5.7-liter, 340-horsepower V8 Hemi, the Magnum can move. But its longer wheelbase and rear-wheel drive also offer more balanced and firmer handling, better control on curves, and a quiet ride. Inside, the extended wheelbase means a lot more legroom for backseat passengers.

Outside, the second-generation Magnum looks like no other car on the market. With its unique rear tapering and wheel wells that jut out aggressively, this car exudes power and menace on the highways. Owners rave about its style and how fun it is to be behind the wheel of a Magnum. The interior room and gas mileage (17/24) also rate well. There are few major complaints, and most of those have to do with the interior design.

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