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98 Dodge Intrepid

My check engine light is on says catalitic converter. Well they both have been changed and oxygen sensor. Battery disconnected driven much won't go off WHY!

Coolant Cap Has Gunky Milky Stuff Built Up On It Not The Radiator Cap But ...

Checked oil cap and oil dipstick and they are normal no milky substance or look to it I flushed the coolant and the next day it was milky and gunky again is it a bad gasket or my water pump pleas...

Fuel Pump On 97 Dodge Intrepid

Will the fuel pump for a98&99 interchange with. 97 Dodge intrepid

Re: Motor Oil

I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid. I have usually owned older cars most of my life with a couple of exceptions buying a new one. i know that today's newer cars usually recommend 5W-30 ALL year round. On ...

Does The PCM Control The Starter

I was recently told by the mechanic that my PCM is bad. They said it was sent been insufficient voltage to the starter. Is this true?

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Dodge Intrepid Overview

The Dodge Intrepid had a brief lifespan, noted for the introduction of "cab-forward" design into the car world. One doesn't normally associate Dodge with Lamborghini, but this design was first produced in a Lamborghini model when Chrysler acquired the Italian auto line. Cab-forward carried the wheels out to the front and rear edges of the car, lengthened the wheelbase, and sloped the windshield far over the hood, with the result of extending the interior cabin.

Big enough to qualify as a full-size sedan, the Dodge Intrepid handled nimbly like a smaller car and accelerated like a sports car. The Intrepid was praised for its roomy interior, able to fit five comfortably and six passably. Its lengthened wheelbase helped add to a more comfortable riding experience, and its powerful V6 engines made this car fun to open up, whether on straightaways or curves.

Replaced in 2005 by the Dodge Magnum, many owners were not sad to see it go. Although most drivers loved its spaciousness, interior comfort, and sports-car feel, ongoing transmission and engine problems haunted the Intrepid.

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