Vaccum Box Vcs Location

I got two line left from using the diagram on the hood. So one over the lines goes to to the intake and one goes to this vacuum box. The hood calls it the vcs. That's not the issue I'm thinking. D...

Windshield Wipers Stop Working, Where Do I Look?

Sometimes wipers stop, where do I start looking?

Dodge Timing Chain Setting


Why Do All Dash Lights Come On At Once

When the car is started and sometimes while driving, all the dash board lights turn on (check engine, air bag, abs, brake, gas light). At the same time, all the gauges drop to zero, its as if the car ...

Ticking Noise From Engine When Car Is At Operating Temperature

I have a 2001 dodge intrepid 2.7. When the engine reaches operating temperature there is a ticking sound. The ticking sound increases when you first start to accelerate then goes away. If car is a...

Dodge Intrepid Overview

The Dodge Intrepid had a brief lifespan, noted for the introduction of "cab-forward" design into the car world. One doesn't normally associate Dodge with Lamborghini, but this design was first produced in a Lamborghini model when Chrysler acquired the Italian auto line. Cab-forward carried the wheels out to the front and rear edges of the car, lengthened the wheelbase, and sloped the windshield far over the hood, with the result of extending the interior cabin.

Big enough to qualify as a full-size sedan, the Dodge Intrepid handled nimbly like a smaller car and accelerated like a sports car. The Intrepid was praised for its roomy interior, able to fit five comfortably and six passably. Its lengthened wheelbase helped add to a more comfortable riding experience, and its powerful V6 engines made this car fun to open up, whether on straightaways or curves.

Replaced in 2005 by the Dodge Magnum, many owners were not sad to see it go. Although most drivers loved its spaciousness, interior comfort, and sports-car feel, ongoing transmission and engine problems haunted the Intrepid.

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