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1993 Dodge Dynasty
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1992 Dodge Dynasty
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Fan Motor

My fan motor will not shut off when you shut the car off, it keeps running, then eventually the battery goes dead. Why?

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I have a 92 Dodge Dynasty and my radio wont turn on. Before I disconnected the battery and reconnected it the radio worked perfectly fine. And now the radio wont turn on at all, nothing. I replace...

Repair Help

Trying to replace the fuel line on a 1989 Dodge dynasty. I need help

Odometer And Trip Meter Not Working In My 89 Dynasty

The odometer and trip meter stopped working. The speedometer still works.

Dodge Dynasty Overview

On the surface, the Dodge Dynasty is a practical family car -- square, plain, and roomy enough inside to seat four very comfortably. But this four-door mid-size sedan, a less expensive version of the New Yorker, without all the bells and whistles, had a lot of horsepower under its hood.

Like the New Yorker, it was built on the Chrysler C platform, but was only available in two trims, base and LE, it changed little over its six-year lifespan. It came standard with a four-cylinder engine, but most owners opted for one of the two V6 engines, which hit over 140-hp. Despite its large size and powerful engine, it exhibited easy handling and amazingly quick acceleration.

Though interior options were few, the legroom and cushiony seats were big hits with drivers, who could take this car out on the highway and really let it loose on long road trips, while still enjoying a smooth, quiet ride.

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