88 D 150 3 Speed Trans.

Shifting in to drive,sometimes smooth as silk,other times 'CLUNK!' Shifts into reverse is smooth. 1st to 2nd to 3rd smooth

Truck Stalls When Put Into Gear

Everytime I put my truck into gear the whole truck jerks and kills the engine. I lifted the rear end off the ground and put it into gear and it didnt stall. I can't figure it out could it be a tra...


Engine Swap

Hey to you pickup gurus: Can I install a Chevy. 350 small block and transmission in a 1964 Dodge D100 pickup? Without too much work on refitting the mounting brackets.Call me stupid, but I am curious....

Electrical Behind Glovebox

I need to know what electrical is behind my 85' dodge d150's glove box. The blower doesn't come out of the front vents and I noticed there was a 4 wire connecter (male) unplugged.