Why Does My Car Either Stall Or Won't Start

can pump accelerator and starts, but as soon as it burns that fuel, it dies. Also stalls on acceleration (if it starts) Has mechanical fuel pump.

Key Blank For 1981 Dodge Colt

I purchased a 1981 Colt in December. It came with only 1 key that is bent (but works) I've tried to get more keys made but no one seems to have the blanks.

Fuel Pump Location In 93 Colt Wagon

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1993 dodge colt vista 3 door wagon


1976 Dodge Colt

6700 original miles on it. Bicentennial Edition. What is it worth? Anyone have any ideas?

Dodge Colt Overview

The Dodge Colt had a twin sister in the Plymouth Colt and siblings in the Mitsubishi Mirage and Eagle Summit. It has gone through many different stylings, most recently as a hatchback, a station wagon, and its final years as either a 2-door coupe or 4-door sedan.

The Dodge Colt was a popular choice for first-time car buyers, families, and economically-conscious drivers who were looking for a car with some zip but that was easy on the bucks in terms of gas and repair costs. The Colt got great mileage and most owners agree it's one of the most reliable cars they've owned, with few major repairs required.

Although some wished for more engine power, the 1.5-liter, 92-horsepower, and later the 1.8-liter, 113-horsepower engines provided enough kick to dart around the city and highways, although it struggled on hills. The fairly plain-looking Colt offered few interior options, but the hatchback models had decent cargo space and roomy front seats.

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