Dodge Caravan Questions


Passenger Side Only Blows Heat

We bought a 2011 dodge caravan mainstreet used. Right away we noticed that the passenger side and the rear vents only blow heat. The driver side will blow cool air or AC, but the passenger and rear bl...

New Key / Car Doesn't Work / Theft Light

Hello, I recently lost my key to my Dodge Caravan 2003. I had to tow the car to the Dodge dealership. They cut 2 new keys and weren't able to program them as they said my car was too old for thei...


NO 8v Reference From PCM To Distributor (1994 3.0 Caravan)

1994 Caravan 3.0 (Vin: 2B4GH2538RR719437) NO SPARK Condition. 8v ORANGE wire from PCM to Distributor (Not present with Key ON) How to test the PCM? Multimeter (Fluke 88V)


Caravan Rough Idle

Why does my 2003 dodge caravan rough idle? Usually does it worse while the ac is running, idles bad enough to where it feels like it's gonna stall what could be wrong? Also why do my electrical co...


What Does It Mean When Your Temp Gauge Is Slightly Above Middle Line

My car was running low on coolant and I put some in but the temperature gauge is slightly above the middle line by 3 notches while driving should I be concerned

Dodge Caravan Overview

Back in 1977, when Chrysler first began development on their "magic wagon," little did they know that not only would they conjure up a whole new vehicle category (later called minivans), but also a whole new population category as well -- soccer moms.

Released in 1984, the Dodge Caravan is considered the first minivan, a family car which offered front wheel drive, easy access, elevated seats, and plenty of cargo space. It revolutionized the suburban driving experience forever, creating a much easier way to load and unload both kids and groceries.

Over its lifespan, it has gone through upgrades in engine size, redesign, and creature comforts (the original had only 2 cupholders, and today's offers up to 14!), but remains a safe and dependable choice. It is the top-selling minivan in the world, having sold 11 million by mid-2005 and is consistently voted one of the best cars by several automotive magazines. A sample from the original generation of Caravans, the 1986 Caravan, was recently acquired by the Smithsonian.

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