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Asked by Jun 27, 2009 at 11:06 AM about the 2002 Jaguar X-TYPE 2.5

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I am out of the Country right now with my car, a 2002 Jaguar x type. My Brother in Law has gone under the car and, trying to locate the transmission plug, has taken off one bolt if you are sitting in the drivers set the bolt would be under you, when he took this bolt out he says he heard that something "fell off" inside. He put the bolt back, however; now the vehicle will not reverse. It is automatic and will go into reverse but nothing happens when you press on the gas. It works fine in drive. I have contacted a few Jaguar dealerships and they all tell me there is nothing he could have done to it to cause this. So, what do we do to fix this?? Any ideas? Take a look at the photo attached, you can see the bolt that was removed and then put back, upper left with white arrow. Thanks,

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he pulled whats known as the reverse pin, in oreder to fix this problem you need to take the transmission out and get the gear (the sound like something dropped) back into position on the bolt that he pulled out

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hey i did the same thing how did u fix it????

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did this fix your problem? im having the same problem

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well u have to take down the tranny!!!

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So where in the heck IS the transmission drain plug and fill? I know these are factory sealed and there is no trnasmission dipstick in the engine compartment. However, from what I have read so far, there are plugs for the drain and fill accessable under the chasis. For anyone else, if you are getting a "Gearbox Fault" dash light... you are likely losing tranny fluid and the light is intermitent. We took ours to the local dealer here in Newport Beach CA and they were totally worthless... said nothing was wrong and only needed reset on the computer. They lied. I now have a trans leak and the car is missing as I drive it... reving before engaging. Now I don't drive it until I can have it fixed. Where the heck is that dammed plug?!

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Check this out for those of you looking for proper changing of transmission fluid.. almost scientific, and look where the fill plug is hidden, damned near under the battery box. Also- be very careful about what fluids you use- must compatible- see following links.

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Tell your brother to leave your car alone til you get back,it sounds like he accidentally took the linkage arm loose and knocked allready fatigued plastic bushing into the aluminum casing.shift linkage is out of whack.

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Anybody know why my jag hasitates untill it reaches the right tempeture? After that it's fine but when it's cold even the brakes don't want to work.

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I have a 2002 X-Type and for some reason now i cant put it in drive and it goes to 20mph and the rpm just rubs, the reverse works fine but i cant drive it. pls help

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Just because you broke it, doesn't mean you have to fix it yourself. Take it to a jag mechanic and let them fix it so you don't cause yourself more problems. Jags are notorious for needing constant repair.

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Let the dealership repair it. There are some you can do and some things for safety purposes you should let the dealership fix. Jaguars are a finicky bunch and if you don't know exactly what you're doing it could end of costing alot more to fix. Hope that helps =)

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drain plug is located on driver side under tranny remove the bracket for the trans cables plug is there

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here`s my solution to the no reverse problem,if your able to get the use of a ramp your problem will be gone in one hour,remove n/s/f wheel and the plug you thought was the level / filler now this might sound a bit unethical but it works ,i`ve just fixed my own x type auto,after making the same mistake,,drill a small hole in the casing just above the plug hole avoid putting any swarf getting inside ,use a small electrical screwdriver through the plug hole and work the bit inside the box upward until you see the gap that the plug locates into,it has only dropped down about an inch or so when you have it where you want it then use a piece of welding rod through the hole you have drilled to hold the locator in place then fit the locator plug back in to the casing having done as instructed you have rectified your no reverse problem,,you only need to plug the small hole in the casing whichever way you want, job need to remove transmission or dismantle servo or anything, happy days

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what is the approximately cost to fix the ggearbox fault? the car reverse well, when goes forward it seems to be taking off on the second or third gear. What will cost me to get this fixed?

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I have a 02 jaguar xtype 2.5 awd if I remove the rear drive shaft the car r able to run

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Just got this same issue no reverse but cars in great condition no codes no issue just one day I was going to park & when I put in reverse car felt in neutral - now I haven't worked on my car for months no need to cars in great sharp so I never touched any bolt under the car except the oil drain three months ago Now I did hear that it might be a torn rubber like band in gear shifter

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No reverse after fluid change due to removing the wrong plug this is the ( reverse band plug) located above the driver side axle shaft looks like a star head bolt (do not remove) But .If you remove this bolt the reverse band will fall down 1 inch inside the trans and you will have no reverse or down manual shifting. I fixed this very simply with out removing the trans or other parts and it works great. I drilled a 1/8 inch hole just 1 inch below the reverse band plug hole, The case there is only 1/8 inch thick so be careful not to drill to deep. Take a magnet on a stick and small screwdriver and align the band through the reverse band plug hole and another small screw driver to hold it in place through this new hole you drilled. Use a magnet on a stick if necessary to get the band up from the bottom of the trans.. Make sure it is aligned and secure and secure the band bolt back in place .Use a fine thread machine screw with some Teflon tape to plug the 1/8 hole that was drilled and your done. It is necessary to remove the driver side cv axle to get a drill bit with a extension to drill the hole.Or if you have a 90 degree drill you don't have to remove the drive CV axle just remove the wheel and come in from the side a one hour job.

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or you can remove the rear drive of the Jaguar x type 2001 2.5 4x4

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My jag will not back up in reverse it wants to go but the trannie is holding it back its awd nd we took out the driveshaft and it kinda goes but we have to rev it up to 4 rpm we put it back in and it goes fine in drive but not reverse i think it could be an electric parking brake in the trannie

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I've found less work and very easy to correct the mistakes in just 15minutes. Instead of drilling a 1/8in. hole on that mistaken level fluid check, I use a very strong magnet to push the reverse band up and exactly to the hole where you can see the sitting of the plug that I just wrongly removed and it's done so easy. Hopefully this will help too. Thanks.

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To all with a "Gearbox Fault" dash light turning on and causing your Jaguar to shift into a forward drive "Limp" mode. I have a 2002 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 that just began this symptom. It has 108000 miles on it and until now the transmission has worked fine. I did not have any water getting into TCM or ECM electronic control modules as others have indicated. What immediately fixed my problem was to simply "set the Parking Brake" after I place the car shifter into Park and before letting my foot off the brake. I found only one posting on the internet where someone said after taking their Jaguar to the dealer for "Gearbox Fault" dash light service to align transmission and shifter cables, the service person advised them to always set their parking brake to help keep things aligned. So I tried this advice and my problem immediately went away...

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I have actually found a solution for this without removing the transmission. You will need snap ring pliers, air compressor with air chuck fitting,baling wire and a friend. First step-remove the cover snap ring (cover and plug are in center of picture). Second step-remove the plug next to the servo. Third step-blow air through the plug and that will dislodge the cover. Fourth step-remove the second snap ring, the servo and spring. Fifth step-feed the baling wire through the servo housing area until it is visible from the bolt that was accidentally removed. Sixth step-form a small hook on the baling wire tip and have assistant pull reverse band back into place and reinsert the bolt which holds the reverse band. Reinstall servo, spring and cover. Finally, live happily ever after.

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If the first time you want to access the transmission fill plug, you have to take the battery out, it's the allence nut head on top of the gear box right the side of the battery look straight down, after you knew where it's located, next time you can access it without remove the battery; need long extension and a flash light, I have done it. For those who experienced jerking and loose speed then stop, it was low on transmission flute, I would fill the transmission with a bottle of stop leak and no slip flute, then fill more with compatible trans flute to the level, it sound irrational but I did with mine and it been run good until now

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Parkholm thankyou thankyou so much for your help, I did what you said and now I ready fix my no reverse problem , I did by my self, I did it in arround 1 1/2 hour You save me arrond 2, 500 dlls, thankyou again

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My jaguar x type looses power just after driving only about 5 miles. This gets worse if you keep moving to an extent where the car wont be able to rave or move. sometimes the engine even stops. the car regains some power after you switch off the engine for a few minutes but then the problem quickly starts

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My jaguar x type 2004 looses power after driving only about 5 miles. If you continue driving, it continues failing to pick up to an extent of not being able to rave and not moving at all.sometimes engine even stops. It regains some power after stopping the engine for a few minutes, but the same thing quickly starts. What could be the problem

Vacuum leak at Map sensor, EGR , fuel pressure regulator, intake bellows cracked between MAF sensor and TPS sensor, a clogged catalytic converter or exhaust pipe (when it occurs have someone rev the engine (car in park) and listen to tailpipe if it's hissing instead of flowing it's clogged, if so check coolant, water pump circulation, if the rings get too hot they can bind in the cylinders, make sure you're running at normal coolant temp, clean oil, no coolant in oil or oil in coolsnt, (check spark plugs in front for rust or water after preliminary checks) , before any of this, make sure you're not in limp mode, the cause is almost always a vacuum leak or water on PCM (in front of passenger on firewall) connections on jags, remove bolt with a 10 mm socket disconnect batt and carefully free it up, use a computer keyboard duster to blow it dry, carefully inspect for corrosion, neutralize with sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and a super gentle artist paint brush, make sure the pins aren't dissolved and broken or you'll have to email me ( if all is sound dust off again and carefully align the connector jack and for all it's worth send it in straight! (Oh and don't use a brass steel or stainless brush, one bristle breaks free and it will short across your terminals, use a non conductive brush, (that's how I got a great deal on a three year old Caddy CTC, and my 03 Xwipe, it had ghoulies and gremlins too though) Note, be neat complete, use finesse W/O mess, jags do not forgive careless techs, you can't rush them they're the Mules of the automotive world, precise and meticulous care when working on them, just be careful, if you miss a step, bolt nut clip, you're not going anywhere fast, just a crack in a vacuum line causes V.CC gearbox ECM ABS speedometer, TPS, codes, bump a clip or line you better check it, it could be a sensor connection as well, (sensors don't go bad without being damaged) take the easiest steps first, 1)Vacuum leaks/ lines/intake/brake master vacuum line, pcv line, that big breather hose on the valve cover. Intake sealed up. Air cleaner element, 2) wet wires. 3). Broken clips at sensors, relays and fuses all sound, 4) exhaust free flow 5) coolant flow, (heat working) oil clean and 5w30 for Variable valve system. Wayerpimp belt between battery and engine, 6) plugs, rear side requires removal of the plenum, don't do this without talking to an jag experienced tech, or follow my advise, and hit me up, if you're in jersey I can help you out here

I had to remove the brake booster to get to that servo and once I did that, I was able to get to the snap ring and remove it with a little trouble from being rusted. I then removed the bolt the was to the right of the servo( when facing the back of car) but nothing happened when I shot several bursts of air into the hole where the bolt was. I tried knocking on the servo cap several time after spraying with wd-40 and other loosing solutions and still nothing. maybe I didnt knock on it hard enough or do you have a better solution? did yours come out as easy as you claimed?

VICTOR0330 Said he used a strong magnet. Does anyone know what kind of magnet or where he got it at? I would rather not have to drop the shafts again to drill a hole and plug it if possible. Thank you in advanced.

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