Just put a new fuel pump in my 1998 dodge ram 1500 still not starting and fuel gauge is not working.


Asked by Jun 28, 2013 at 11:34 AM about the 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 2 Dr ST 4WD Extended Cab SB

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Is the pump running for a short while when you turn on the ignition? If not, check for power going to the pump, no power = no fuel = no start. Might be something as simple as a fuse or a disconnected wire.

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The pump is not turning on at all

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We have checked all the fuses and relays but still nothing

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Fuses and relays all okay? Check the wire at the pump itself, is it getting power at all? Also check the earth connections.

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No it is not getting any power

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Finally got the pump working if we hotwire it but still will not start. If we use starting fluid it tries to start but will not. Could it possably be the automatic start on the truck under the dash

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asd relay works for 2 seconds after turning on the ignition key. this will give the pump enough to start truck after witch ignition signal will power asd relay and fuel pump relay and you will be running. Must check current as ASD relay when ignition is turned on.

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Where is the asd relay and how do you check it?

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I'd try the fusebox first to see if the fuse isn't burnt out before I'd start running for the relay

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By the way, check this out: http://www.justanswer.com/dodge/5nxx2-dodge-ram-1500-4x2-replaced-fuel-pump-does-nt.html

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Ok I will. We have checked all the fuses multiple times.


I need to know where the asd relay is located

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If I remember correctly it's in the main fuse box in the engine compartment.


We have looked there it not. According to the book it says its on the left side of the motor somewhere and we can't even find it


If it's not in the PDC then it's either on the firewall or the drivers side of the engine compartment.

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between the battery and the ABS brake set up. Their is a black plastic cover on it. Open it and the relays are there.


We have even had a computer put on it. The computer is not pulling up any codes.


I know this is a bit old thread now but to help others I'll post my problem and temporary fix. First off I learned long ago with a Jeep that there will be NO codes or what you get is just plain WRONG codes for most issues with bad fuel pump. DON'T buy parts based on any codes! The Jeep had several bad codes and I was lucky to have a second jeep the same running great so I just swapped some parts and all the codes were wrong! Nothing was bad! Turned out the problem was the hose in the tank slipped about 1/2 way off the metal line to exit the tank, so not enough pressure or volume as 1/2 the gas just dumped back into the tank and only 1/2 went to fuel system to run the engine. Was a hard one to figure out as the jeep run great level, but no power for hills and hard to start do to low PSI. NOW, my 98 ram 1500 4X4 is a bit of a problem! It was running great and I drove it to the shop to have the front end checked out, they could not look at it right then and when I started to leave it was totally dead and would not start! NO fuel pump noise! There was some pressure in the injector rack though when we checked so that don't mean much either. Relay and fuse good. I could reach over the frame to connector on tank to try moving it around to check for bad connection and see if I could make the pump run moving and twisting it, nothing worked! So I ordered a pump from Rockauto.com for about $90 shipped and paid the shop $50 to install it. Now with new pump installed the truck ran great, but now my fuel gauge worked sometimes but not other times, just random. Truck ran great for 1day! Next time I drove it it died turning into a parking lot, then wanted to die if I stomped the gas to speed up real fast, trying to turn into a gas station with a steep drive it died again 3/4 way up the hill! I backed down into the road level and she started and ran fine. I revved her up a few times then gunned it and made it to almost top of hill when she died again but lucky I had enough speed going she coasted to level where she started again. At this time I am thinking I do not really know how much gas I have so maybe almost running out and sloshing the fuel away from the pump could be the problem? I filled the truck, yippee another $60 gone! I drove on over to the shop to pickup some old parts I left behind I had to return for the cores like rear shoes I had them install when they also replaced the blown wheel cyl. So I mentioned the problem of truck dying. I took off for the days driving and no more problems all day. Never tried to die again no matter how hard I stomped the gas, turns, or hills, it all was fine. So now I am thinking my gas gauge was off and I was almost out of gas, not the 1/4 tank it showed when I was dying out earlier. Well, I took off from home a couple days ago and drove about 5 miles fine, came home most way fine also, UNTIL I got to a large hill! Yep, sure enough she died about 3/4 way up! She would not start again, let her sit a few minutes and try, sit, try, so on. I let her roll back down the hill and into someones drive out of the road sitting level. Still she would not start. Wife was with me so I crawled under the truck and she tried to start the truck while I messed around. I finally found that pressing down a little on the electric connector to pump would make the pump run. Truck would run fine long as I pressed down, but let go and pump stop then truck die of course! I got the connector jammed just right and made it the 1 mile on home, even over than large hill. Next day I went out to start truck and nothing! No mater what I did I could not make the pump run again. Today I took my old pump and looked at the wires, it is good to keep old parts often! The 2 connectors in middle are for the gauge, I think the left connector was ground and the right the Pos. I am not certain at the moment, I could have those backwards? I found with wife turning key off and on that I do have power to the connector like I should have. Taking some wire and female spade connectors I pushed them onto the males on the pump and bought everything outside the frame where I could play with it. Connecting the wires to an extra battery I had sitting there the pump ran fine! Truck would start and run fine! I pushed the end of the bare wires into the truck connector, when wife turns the key the pump runs, truck starts, all was well. Course I could not just leave bare wire poked into the connector like that though. All my Male spade connectors were too large to fit into the truck connector. I carefully cut them to a bit less than 1/2 as wide, now they fit in the truck female connector. I got them pressed in nice and tight, and I also gave them a slight bend so they fight tighter as one seemed loose the first time. Lots of electrical tape to hold everything together and sealed! I left enough length on the wires that I can later run them up into the bed and connect to an extra battery if needed. Nicely wrapped the extra wire around a mount and used zip ties to hold it there. Went out and drove 10 miles tonight and for now all is well but I did not have gas gauge wired up. I have wrecking yards about 15-20 miles away that have same trucks with the tanks already out. Next week when they are open again I'll go over and grab a truck connector or two with extra wire so I can splice it into my truck, of course after I make sure the new connectors do make proper contact to run my pump! Also, while trying to get my truck running today and looking at the old pump, I connected it to a battery, it runs fine! This bad connector was maybe my only problem before also, and I spent $150 for that new pump installed for nothing! OH, local parts stores CHEAPEST pump was $250, which is why I let my truck sit a week and ordered from rockauto.com for $90! Now there are a couple morals to these stories I guess and things to be learned from them which I have! 1, do not be so sure to condemn the fuel pump even if all else is working! I paid a mechanic to do that Jeep pump and he never looked at it, I found the hose was half off myself later and pump was fine, $200 for nothing! I did not need that new pump, only the hose put back in place on the old pump! Looks like $90 for pump and $50 for labor on my truck for nothing also! $150 for nothing as I just need a new connector on the truck wires! 2, keep those old parts and check them yourself, they may be good, now I have a spare pump for both the Jeep and the RAM if I ever need them! 3, Do your own work!! I was sick when the Jeep was bad and could not drop the tank to do it myself or I would have found the hose half off and just returned the new pump unused for a refund! My RAM went dead already sitting at the shop so rather than have it towed home I bought the parts and let them fix everything there. Also bums busted into my buildings I lease and stole some stuff, floor jack being one thing, so I could not easily do my own work till I get a new jack this weekend. I live in a rural area so 150-175 mile drive each way to buy my tools, but I have allot to buy soon as I can make the trip! Caught the scum with some tools on site red handed, but they'd been stealing small amounts for about 5 days while I had been gone out of state.

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Excellent review of submerged fuel pump problems in Jeep. I've had repeated problems with '96 Jeep and '89 F-150 pumps and firends are having ditto, some have had as many as seven pumps replaced when they could not do the work themselves.


i hope you beat the piss out of the scum stealing tools. Nothing worse.

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Fuel Pump, Always the pump if you park go out later with a half tank and just turns over with no stutter or start, Dont start looking just pull air cleaner and spray starter fluid down throat and pump peddle as you start engine. If it stutters its the pump period. These Rams dont start easy with spray so once is enough or you foul plugs.. 200 bucks and i cut a 12 inch square in bed just behind driver seat right above fuel pump area with a grinder and only went down 1/4 inch to not disturb and only because its older and has a bed liner to cover it when finished, yes you will need a Sawsall to cut both supports once through metal bottom,, its all very thin easy cut metal. Big Prob we had was the electric connector to pump needs some silicone spray with fingertip around outer edge to slide * All * The Way into position or you will miss full connection and have no Gas Gage.. Check operation and gage thorough before clean up. Total Time 3 hours and no dropping tank or gas or bed.. Good Luck..

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Fuel Pump, Parked vehicle came out later with 1/2 tank and wont start or sputter Fuel Pump as they are only 60 K Mileage items. Disconnect battery ground,, If older truck cut bed 12 inch square behind driver just above fuel pump and cover with your bed liner. Cut only 1/4 inch for clearance and must use saws all for cross members, very easy thin metal. Make sure Electric Clip to pump is in * ALL * the way in or you have no fuel gage.. Total Time 3 Hours Going Slow...

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