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Asked by Jul 28, 2012 at 08:32 AM about the 1991 Ford F-150 S SB

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have had some problems keeping truck running, a couple of weeks ago was stopped at red light and truck died got towwed home now it will start but won't stay running runs good for about a minute and smothers out like it has ran out of gas both tanks have plenty of fuel in them. Pumps sound good and strong when i turn the key on and changed filter the other day and had a friend turn key on and observed fuel line before putting fuel line back on filter fuel just squirted about a foot out of line when key was turned on, i figured it would have more pressure than that , if anyone has a suggestion please help.

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After it kills, will it restart immediately? Or does it have to crank over a few times to start?

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What I'm asking is does it start right up the first time, then not catch right away after it kills?

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ok it will start the first when cold run about a minute or less and smothers out like it ran out of fuel,try to restart it and u can hear the pump motor just for a split second and wont start keep cranking no start. I can wait about ten minutes and it will start fine and then kills out almost a minute. We took the bed off and checked pumps ran a hot wire to them from battery and took fuel pump relay out and startted right up and stayed running so wired em up to run both tanks off of a 3 way toggle switch for front and rear tanks works perfect runs really well.I'm thinking i have an electrical problem now i still gotta fix it right but gets me where i need to go for now

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Sounds like you have a faulty relay somewhere. It appears may be heating up after a minute or so, then cutting out. When you bypass the curcuit by running it directly from the battery you're bypassing the problem oviously. Get a clinton or haynes book for the year which has a wiring relay/schematic section. The problem may be right there in the fuse box. Most, if not all of the fuel system circutry begins and ends there.

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Thank you OJ havent tried anything on that yet working 6 days a week havent much time,but i was thinking could it be my EEC?

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My 1979 F-100 300 cu. in. 6 cyl. would be very hard to start at times and would often die while driving down the road (and would start back up while still rolling) I replaced the fuel pump that is on the side of the engine-no help (but solved an oil leak as it was loose). I took the wiring harness off and cleaned it up and checked for continuity---the wires were okay. I checked the Ignition Control Module (ICM) as recommended in my Ford Electrical and Vacuum Diagram Manual using a jumper as it said to do---it checked out okay. I replaced the ICM ($24 for an improved unit) and now it starts up every time and does not die.

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my truck run then it die what that problem

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Sounds like you're fuel filter is not let enough fuel to get past to keep the vehicle running and it is running out of fuel than it set for awhile fuel fill the lines and you can start it again until the line empties again.

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I have a 2006 Ford f150 I was driving after I pumped gas a convenience store heading on road while driving truck stalled and showed oil pressure oil checked it n was good took it to shop n show code for gas pump they installed new n didn't turnon mechanic thinks it might have a short cause he put it on computer n everything looks good what do ya think

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I have a 2006 Ford f150 I was driving after I pumped gas a convenience store heading on road while driving truck stalled and showed oil pressure oil checked it n was good took it to shop n show code for gas pump they installed new n didn't turnon mechanic thinks it might have a short cause he put it on computer n everything looks good what do ya think

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I found that my problem was a yellow wire from my sylanoid on fire wall towards the head lights was not getting good connection , some wire nuts fixed it. Could be your problem, wouldn't hurt to check yours hope this helps also emergency fuel pump cut off reset could help

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I got a f-150 that's getting fuel and fire. It will crank early in the morning then cut off ten min later . Then it hard to started again. Please help me anyone

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1999 dodge ram 2500 diesel starts then runs then cuts out dies new filter new batteries cleaned maps and I.A.T. will remove bed and check ground and lift pump I think it's pump dealers want too much money will do it myself

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I have a 1988 e350, 351 engine size. The truck runs rough high low then after awhile stalls while idling. If I drive alongs I don't come to stop it won't stall. We tuned up the truck, then changed map sensor, fuel filter, all the vacuum hoses, the air fuel sensor, but have changed the wire harness believe it's the throttle position sensor. The truck ran fine for awhile then started to act up. Need some ideas

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J1988 did you figure out the problem with your truck ? Mine is doing the same thing

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Try your timing. After changing out parts our timing was off. We also had to change the distributor. Seems to be ok now but we will let you know it's only day 4 after being fixed.


Shoot it had starting problem with my 94 f 150 5.8 spent a pile of money ready to throw in the towel. Shoot it

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I have a 1990 Ford F-150 pull my hair out trying to find out why rough idle runs rich stalls vatic idle wouldn't stay running change the throttle position sensor no effect change map sensor no effect check IAC motor cleaned still no effect finally unplugged coolant temp sensor and map sensor the new one truck crank cold no flooding run smooth low idle let it warm up run decent end of story bad coolant temp sensor

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I have a 2006 ford expedition I change the starter I change the fuel pump n the fuel filter to where it will started but as soon as I hit the gas it cut off can somebody okease tell me Wats wrong

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i have a 1988 ford f150 5.8 i haveing a problem. i can get in the truck start it runs great i can step on the gas hard all the way to the store.when i get back in the truck and try to do the same thing.the truck want to die out at 35. i let off the gas and the truck dies down and coe right back up but i cant ove por press on the gas .or it will die

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My 1985 F-150 5.8L runs good when i first crank it and start driving and get it good and warm up. And when I get to a stop light it dies and will not crank back. And I'm getting towed home. It cools down it starts right up. What is going on here?

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Gurudjjk8, your problem sounds like a crank sensor issue to me. Test the resistance cold and then after it dies and compare readings with the specs I'm sure they're easy to find


my 1981 f350 engine start but when turn loose it die


I try starting serval but as soon turn loose of key it dies

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GuruZXSF5 that sounds like it could be the ignition switch that is at fault. Its the electrical component right behind the key/tumbler mechanism, when you turn the key there's a little finger on the end of it that turns the switch. One way to test my theory is to get a remote starter switch from the parts store, hook it up to the starter so it will engage the starter, turn the key to accessory (one click before start) and hit the button to start the truck. If it doesn't start the ignition switch is your problem, if it starts and dies like it's doing then you have a different problem, probably still ignition related


I have a 2004 Ford F150 V8 and it will start at a low idle and after about 30 seconds to 1 minute shut off and when I go to start it again it will spend over about 25 times before it starts but only at a idle you can put your feet on the gas after it's sitting there idling and nothing happens it continues to idle for 30 seconds to 1 minute can't figure out what the problem is help please

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Mine does the same thing but starts right back up after it another out what's wrong with mine

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As for the 2002-Now Triton V8s, this is a real mess. For the record, Ford is the object of a Class Action Suit on these engines. However, there are some cures. If you go to your local Auto Store, a check for Codes will most likely find Oxygen Sensor failure-all 4 of them- and it will be accompanied by a loud clicking coming from the engine, as a result of the defective timing chain destroying itself. The replacement chains correct that problem, with new tensioners, and better guides. To add to this tragedy, the Computer isn't adequate. Solutions include: 1 Keep your battery at HIGH charge. 2 Use a more effective Oil viscosity to better protect your injured engine; like 20-50W, and add something like Lucas, to prevent the dreaded Dry Startup. Go to You Tube and watch the 4 Videos by an excellent FOMOCO Technician on the Tritons, who will also tell you that Ford generated Service Bulletins on these problems, but provide NO HELP $$$! Merry Christmas from an OLD Ford Regional Service Rep.


Almost forgot, sorry. With the Deathanol fuel these days, rust and crud form in your Tanks and Lines, and make their way to your Fuel Filter. That thing NOBODY ever thinks about, but they are all important now. I worked on a 2003 E350 Van for the last 3 weeks, I warned you that I am OLD, and I have never seen a filter, in my long life, that was packed full of brown, rusty crap.

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I have a 2008 Ford F150 4.2 when you start it it idles rough and Shakes when you're driving it down the street when you start off it idles really rough don't want to go but when you get to a certain speed in Idols itself out

I have a 1995 Ford that went died going down the it's getting good fuel to it but it will try to start but want stay running what could be the problem

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