Have a 2007 ford edge sel plus. Transmission jerks a lot. Purchased used. Took to Auffenberg belleville il. Dealer says they felt nothing. Getting worse. Acted like they didn't want to be bothered


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I have extended warranty I
purchased. Want this fixed before
things get worse. Def happens on
daily basis.  Will not go back to
Auffenberg Dealer in Belleville il

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No check engine light? What makes you think it's the tranny? Is this an automatic transmission? Did you look at the fluid level, color, odor?

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Those extended warranties are not underwritten by the dealer or manufacturer. The salesman gets a commission when he sells the extended warranty or "service agreement' from an outside firm, the dealers don't like them because they have to get approval before doing anything, have to do the work at cut~rate, and then have trouble getting paid for the work even when they had prior approval. The only reason the dealer offers them is 1) the salesman personally gets a commission 2) the dealer a piece of what you pay also.but after that they avoid them like the plague, don't want any part of it except the sale of it. Yep, the service manager is going to not find anything wrong if it had only reverse and you backed it to them. UNTIL that one runs out, 1 or 2 years , 12,000 or 24,000 depending on what you bought. Then of course they will want to fix it, with your money. The companies that offer those have a formula: They know the average cost of repairs on a given car over a given time. They multiply that figure by a factor of 4 (yes four) and sell the 'contract" for that amount, anywhere from $2500 and up. Then deny all claims, telling you that you ran it with no oil or some lame excuse. You have probably deduced by now I never buy them ...just keep as much money set aside as possible for unexpected repairs.

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Well said David. Taken one step further, dealers don't even like to perform regular warranty work after you buy a new car. You can tell them what's wrong and they look at you like you are growing a third eye in your forehead and tell you that they never heard of it before. Then they try to blame you for something that you did.

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A vehicle that would allow you to be self-reliant, and not need the likes of these people...don't think auto-makers yearn for something this esoteric, but increasingly complicated and convoluted so that you need the expert to show up with the special tool or knowledge (feel like a damned fool, cause I don't know which buttons to hold down how many times for how long on the mini controller), no keys no way to get in if you've accidentally dropped the key in the toilet or down the sewer...so, in summation could we puh-leeze start manufacturing vehicles that a blacksmith could fix~

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In Illinois 2007 has already begun to rust...in time will get the famous "sun-floor" which splashes salt spray at you as you go down the winter highway...soon you'll simply not give a damn, run with bald tires, overheating, and to hell with it all----get towed away soon thereafter...these things happen in the salt-belt~

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See if you can take it to another dealer or mechanic that will honor the warranty you purchased.

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I am going to try and take it to another Ford dealership. I had put I bought it used at Auffenberg Ford in Belleville il but actually it was Auffenberg Mazda in OFALLON il but when I complained that something was wrong... Misfiring, jerking. It's def very noticeable. I was told that Auffenberg Mazda didn't know a lot about Ford Edge in their service dept so they sent me to Auffenberg Ford in OFALLON il. This is where the service dept told me...and I quote... Nothing wrong with it. We drove it three miles and it drove perfect. A whole three miles!!! That service dept was just not personable whatsoever and acted like it was a bother . I had my son pick me up at the dealership and we didn't even get home which was about 20 mins when I got the call to pick ut up its fine but its not!! Calling another dealership tomorrow. It feels like trans to me. Jerks hard. Thanks to everyone for reading this

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Also, it is automatic transmission and NO CHECK ENGINE LUGHT EVER CAME ON. I FORGOT TO SAY the Auffenberg afford dealer service dept said quote .... I can't fix something with no lighrs stored. I asked him had he drove it a little further he WOULD HAVE FELT THE JERKING!! To tell you the truth, I really don't think it left the parking lot!!! I will never return to that service dept.

is it making strange crunching sounds? could possibly be a flex-plate cracking and flexing~ this would send no CEL, and would be jerking as you describe, and could not be detected except by an experienced driver who knows what these things will do~

the crack would keep getting larger, never smaller...think that is is because of improper torque procedures on installation (yes, a lazy hand put together the engine and transmission, not payin' too much attention to this little detail such as torquing evenly and properly~

seen this condition at least three times on GM flexplates, not a big deal, loosen the motor mounts, engine to tranny mounts and spread with a wedge. right angle 1/8 drive ratchet shimmy up in there remove the bolts, drop the plate, replace with a new one...really not that big a job, if you can manage to get a good flex plate that has it's gear teeth still intact and is still fresh~


No crunching sounds I notice a lot on inclines even the smallest and merging into traffic. Forgot to mention the day I took my Edge to Auffenberg I took it to Auto Zone first. No lighrs were on. The worker there plugged a hand held device under my dash which showed some stored codes. I believe there were three. He said he was going to leave them there so Auffenberg would see them. He said somebody forgot to erase them probably. I had also written down the codes but throughout all this I misplaced the written paper I had. I told Auffenberg the codes were stored but when I picked my car back up about 30 mins later I was told there were No Codes Stored that someone must have erased them and it wasn't them. I know they were there I even showed him my written codes but mysteriously they're gone. Now u see why I will not return there. They also told me I had no daytime running lighrs but after searching the web I found out they had to be activated. I called Tri Ford in Highland il. Took it there and they activated them in about 10 mins. Tri Ford is who I'm calling today to see if tgey could honor my extended warranty. They are a small town dealership and really seemed like they care about your car problems. Let u know what happens. Thank you everyone

You were lied to. Tom has the best answer. Codes do not get erased until the problem is fixed.

PS Thank you tenspeed for the compliment. You are also right on. Whatever happened to 'the customer is right?" It's always the fault of the owner, oh, no, we do no wrong here at our dealer.


I'm having fixes today at dealership $40426.00 .same problems.wrench light up,air bag light up,drove slow no pick up,speedometer did not work. did not have warrenty.star ford glendale ca.

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