what produces more hp a carb engine or a efi engine?

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You can get good results from a carb, but they take A LOT of tuning to get the best results. Plus the results will be different on a cold day versus a hot day etc. If you don't really know what your doing with a carb set-up it will take you a while to find the right settings or you will need to pay someone to do it. Also if you plan on doing any other modifications to the motor it would be a lot easier to just have an EFI with a stand alone ECU unit. I'm not saying it can't be done and I'm not saying EFI is necessarily better than carbs, I'm just saying it will be EASIER to use an EFI.


EFI, the more complete atomization of fuel in a high pressure spray leads to a more complete and efficient combustion cycle. Carbs are simple.... they may be hard to tune perfect but almost anyone can get a carb setup running.

cool thanks


Also fuel sprays have a refined design to swirl in the atomised fuel for better mixing, and theres even double spraying now for even more efficient combustion. Carbs are a thing of the past.


Consider that as far as raw air and fuel intake few TBI setups can match a carb. The most powerful engines in the world use blowers (superchargers) and carbs. For reliability, ease of operation, temperature tolerance, fuel economy and price/horse - EFI is FAR more efficient, however does not have an equal top end in terms of power at this time. So unless your building a top fuel dragster I would go fuel injected.


Well yeah, the only advantage of a carburator is sheer volume of flow. Doesnt mean its efficient though and it probably would only be more effective on large displacement engines.


if your talking about top fuels as being the most powerful engines, then you cant really compare. top fuels use mechanical fuel injection, not carbies. but thats a moot point. EFI produces less emmisions, a more reliable power, and the ecu can adjust for various environmental factors which a carby cannot...for me it will always be efi>carby


The principal of top fuel dragsters mechanical fuel injection shares 99% of its DNA with a carb, sans air metering via internal butterflies. Otherwise you repeated exactly what I said about EFI being more efficient, etc etc...


not true. the mechanical injection used in top fuels is entirely driven by mechanical fuel pumps, not pressure differences like in carburetted systems. i debate that carbys are better for large power applications. formula ones get some 800 horses from 2.4L V8's and theyre fuel injected. and the veyron, the most powerful production car, is fuel injected too. in my mind. fuel injection always wins.


Anyway, you still miss the point that we are in agreement that for 99.9 percent of all aplications EFI is superior. But if you would like to continue to debate the same side of the issue with me I am fine with that.


i am saying efi is better for %100 of applications...but whatever


Hahah, you love debate. The .1% is a hotrodder on a tight budget, carbs are cheaper to purchase. Im still satisfied with 99.9.


EFI all the way ! The only reason any racing class still use carb's is 'cos the rules say they have to ! With carbs once they are tuned correctly any variation of altitude,air temp and humidity will put them out of optimum AFR (Air/Fuel Ratio) ! This is the the reason Why EFI is so good, EFI can sense these variations and others including load (It knows when you go up a hill) to alter the program to achieve the target AFR ! The only place carbs would out perform EFI would be in a lab ! In the real world EFI is the only way !


The only reason they are mech injected is the rules say the have to !!! Top fuel rails would be faster if they were EFI !

carb engine is the best to get a higher hp epi engine runs on a ecu setup


the question being what makes more horsepower? efi or carb? the answer is that it doesnt matter wether its efi or carbed. my grand father drives a single cam carbed 96 honda civic sedan , which makes around 80-90 hp, i drive a nissan pulsar GTi-R that is efi and makes 350hp @ 10 psi boost, on the other side my boss has a tripple carbd 1500hp supercharged 8 sec camaro. it doesnt matter.


EFI ftw!

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