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Which One makes better, nicer, better performing cars?

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All a question of taste. In terms of Ergonomics and interior materials Audi is definitely ahead. Performance and styling are more subjective aspects. If the S4 is what you're looking at I'll say that it doesn't have a direct BMW equivelant. The M3 is rival to the RS4 which is going to be replaced soon, and BMW has no intermediaries between the top level 3 series and the M3. One thing to keep in mind is Audi performance cars are always quattro AWD. BMW keeps to RWD, though for their basic models you can get their AWD dubbed X-Drive. BMW and Mercedes haven't been too good when it comes to their AWD cars, Mercedes especially. In a recent comparison test between the new M3, new Mercedes C63 (I think it was?) and RS4 (been around since like '05) the Breakdown was that the Racer's car was the Mercedes, the Driver's Car was the BMW and the Audi fell in between the two in both respects. Again it's all a matter of taste and preference.


I'll offer a correction to this " If the S4 is what you're looking at I'll say that it doesn't have a direct BMW equivelant. The BMW 335i is a very close competitor to the S4 in performance and options. The S4 has a bit more horsepower but also is a bit heavier than the 335i. The 335i in testing has shown comparable performance to the new M3 and is considered faster in most situations than the e46 M3s. The 335i is available in Coupe and Sedan models and has pretty good aftermarket support (arguably better than the S4). Active Autowerke has bolt on intercoolers, exhaust, and an ECU that will can give almost 100hp and over 100lb of torque over a stock 335i. Another car to consider if a small coupe is an option is the 135i. It has the same drivetrain (twin-turbo inline 6) as the 335i, but is smaller and weighs less. During a BMW driving event, we raced the brand new M3 (manual) vs a 135i (auto) and the 135 pulled the M3 every time (on the highway). This isn't to say the M3 is a slow car, just to say the 135i is an awesome car for what it costs. All that said, the S4 is a very impressive car and is on the top of a very short list of cars as a replacement for my current Mini Cooper S. One of my neighbors has a S4 and everytime it drives by the whine of the V8 makes my arm hair stand on end. I've owned a 500 hp S/C M3 and I think its time to try an Audi.


I'll chime in on the 135. Motor trend compared the Evo 10 with the 135i and the BMW is well faster than it's advertised numbers. 0-60 mph is not 5.1 as BMW states, they got 4.6 which holds up with the M3 quite well. As far as the 335i-S4 comparison, I do have to put in that the weight difference is from the AWD system and that makes up for the added weight in terms of performance. As far as stock hp goes I wouldn't say 40 is just a bit. Though it is comparing a 4.2 liter V8 with a redline at 7000 (6800 for the manual) to a twin turbo inline 6. Mostly what I was trying to get at by saying that BMW doesn't have a direct competitor for it was in terms of the car being sport oriented, especially in the way of suspension. But either way they're both fine cars. I'd take the audi even if it was for the fact that the engine is a detuned version of the one in the RS4 and R8. Though I would wish they could bring the RS6 over. A twin turbo v10 wagon that does 0-60 in the mid 4 second range would be great.


its all preference, but being an owner of a vw all my life starting with an 83 rabbit i feel that what vw lacked in comfort they made up for it with the ability for inter changeable parts and you can work on them very easily but i feel that bmw has maintained that status as well though the parts are expensive. i think they are both wonderful automakers especially bmw because they have pioneered so many automotive enhancements but like you said its all preference they both have style well the older vws do because i dont think any new vw looks good besides the audi line, and thats what i would say bmw would take the lead in because they all look good in my opinion, performance wise i think everyone should drive straight drive vehicles, but thats beside the fact bmws inline six was done right i think thats the biggest engine a car should have its gets the job done, although i drive a 96 vr6 and i have no complaints its got 195k no rebuild and still runs strong both great automakers definately my two favorite

audi. they have a supercar, and all of their new cars look a ton nicer than any bmw. including suv's. bmw has been overtaken, mercedes has with looks. but am still has better performance than audi. but compared to bmw, audi is on another level


BMW's are better because Audi's don't seem to be manufactured with indicators


What are these "indicators" that you speak of?


You know, the orange flashing things. They don't seem to work on Audis. But more to the point, Audi drivers are muppets that can't use them as their hands are full of cellphone/coffee/makeup/AIDS etc. Audi drivers. I mean it. I hate you.


haha so true i hate audi they are just highpriced volkswagens in the end bmw is a lot more reliable and better finish in my opinion.


Hey Joel......Jam it!


Well Fred.....You know the saying....Opinions are like @ssholes.....


'Audi drivers are muppets that can't use them as their hands are full of cellphone' Ironic that he's holding a cellphone in his profile pic.


like top gear said, audi now is for cocks and bmw r for normal ppl


Obvious to most that know about cars, that they both produce great performance cars and are very evenly matched, BMW M vs Audi RS will be a question of individual preference every time. Audi seem to be very simple inside whereas BMW seem to over complicate things occasionaly, The sound of the stock Audi is Amazing once you step on the gas, BMW have more creature comforts and gizmos, More important to me is I personally think there are a lot more M3's on the road than RS4's and i like to drive something different and individual, SO!! I don't realy think either are better or worse than each other,


Hey Joel....Got some anger issues??


EASY FORD... tee hee that wasnt constructive of me was it logan lol lol lol


BMW has been a car company that has ALWAYS tried to market itself as a performance car. Take the slogan for example "the ulimate driving machine" speaks for itself. They have built very good quality cars from the get go. I must say I have become a little disappointed with the quality of the interior finish, and making you pay for the real leather. However, they are not aiming themselves to the luxury market, except for the 7 series which is a little different. Audi is a mix of it all. Performance, comfort, build quality, and luxury. The quattro system on the Audi is just not comparable to the X-Drive system. And it will probably be like that for a long time. IMHO if you are looking between them find the two that are comparable test them out and get the one you like, that's that.


BMW VS AUDI... To start off, I own a M3 and an S4. They are completely different auto makers. If you want durability go with a BMW, for they have a Timing Chain Vs Audi has a T-Belt and must be replaced generally around the 40K mark. I have driven hundreds of BMW and Audi models, for I use to sell them. BMW around the track hands down will beat the Audi with a skilled enough driver in the seat. Audi has Quattro AWD which is amazing, the best in the business, (yes better than SUBARU, remember Audi got banned from Rally racing in the 1980's because they had an unfair advantage). If you want a daily driver but live in say the north east or north period where the weather can get bad snow, ice, etc (lived in NJ) go with Audi, these cars can drive through anything. If you live where there is no snow go with the BMW. Resale value BMW wins hands down, Audi's seem to depreciate more rapidly. Bottom line, its all what you are looking for in a car, if I had to choose, my Audi S4 would hit the road and be sold waaaayyy before I would sell my M3. Hope this helps you guys out. Later


oh yeah, by the way, AUDI stands for Assholes Usually Drive It. Why do you get a real car and stop driving some faggy honda or what ever rice crap you own. peace-


Hello Jon, Thanks for your response....Nice to see somebody offering an informed and insightful opinion. I drive both marques as well. BMW makes a fine automobile, but at the end of the day Audi blood runs through my veins through and through! Just a point of clarification on your post: Audi was not banned for having quattro AWD, in fact they were scoffed by all of the teams for using a car with AWD because it was "too heavy and complex" when it debuted the car in 1980 and the majority of rally cars today use an AWD system. The FIA canceled Group B after a series of accidents, culminating in 1986, when spectators on the course at the Rally de Portugal were injured and killed and the death of driver Henri Toivonen and his co-driver Sergio Cresto in the Tour de Corse. Audi immediately withdrew from competition after the Tour de Corse.

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