Pet Peeves When It Comes To People Doing Dumb Stuff To Their Car.


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We'll start off with looks I suppose.

Stickers/Decals: Why add so many decals saying your car is a Chevy.  Now Now, dont get me wrong, I dont mean the one in the back window or one in your back corner window I mean the tastless ones like right above your other chevy decal, one on each of your tailights,  one below your montecarlo emblem on the side of your car that doesnt fit to begin with. Why?
      Also, if you're not going to replace them when your wipers chip them all to hell take the decals off the top of your windshield.  Wal"Mart Racing Stripes.....just stop it.  It doesnt look good on anything.  Especially a Ford Explorer or a Teal Geo Metro.  Supercharged? Turbocharged?  If its not why put the sticker?  So people WONT try to race you and embarass you?  Why put Jeg's Stickers on an 86 White/woodgrain Caravan? or any caravan at that.

ok ok enough on decals.  electronics?? sure why not.  Hey thats nice 2 gauge wire going to your 200Watt dual amp. why?? lol.  If you buy a dual stereo and it quits working I will not feel sorry for you.  Don't go out and buy the best replacement speakers you can and expect a major change if all your running is a head unit. Amplify them!!
Nice blue lights I hope you enjoy replacing the pig tails when they melt the shit out of them.  Save 45 more dollars and get H.I.D.s on ebay atleast they wont melt your shit.  And you can see. lol.

Cheap performance add ons. If your cold air intake is 4 inches away from your exhaust manifold more than likely its not cold air thats coming in.  Also if youre going to get a muffler have a muffler shop weld it on and not clamp it and chicken wire it yourself.  Trust me the $30 they charge you is alot better than that bs.  oh yea stop buying those 5 dollar "performance chips on ebay" if they worked they wouldnt be $5 thats about it. everything else amatures are too afraid to approach.

if you cant afford to get your car painted (or know ow to do it yourself) and get rims why get a body kit? who wants to drive around in a red car with white yellow black etc bumpers? and have rims with wheel covers?  they end up looking like a woman thats fat as hell with legs of a skinny woman. doesnt make sense.

well i gotta go piss I will be back on il leave you with this.....tint is like food when in doubt throw it out.  if you have no idea how to tint. why do it.

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Chill out dude. Block it out. If you let the fail get to you it'll ruin your life. File it under 'who gives a fuck' and go about your day


Fart Can mufflers... and revving pispot hondas in the drive thru... If you can't keep your stupid car running... Park it and walk in... your cars, sound like shit.... buy a real muffler... or you know... put headers and highflow cats on so there might be some real performance instead of just the sound of a wet fart when you go by!


If you're hardcone you'll just cut the cat out anyway. It's the sound that they want = fail How do I understand them?


Can't cut the Cat in Canada... Emissions testing ;)


Yea, it's a load of B.S.. They want to trick their shit, yo! They are just too cheap and/or have no money. Tuning a car the RIGHT way costs some big bills, especially if the person wants to have the work done at a garage. Blame it on Need for Speed and The Fast and the Furious. A lot of people just want their cars to look the shit so they can look rich and get 'rep' and vagina. Since that's the motivation instead of the motivation being working on a car and enjoying driving it, you get people who half-ass it and really don't know what they're doing. But it's their money. They can spend it however they want to, even if it's on a eye/ear sore.


ah, silly stuff was around long before fast and the furious.... Try... American Graffiti for example ;) (Good movie...) at least back then most people knew how to work on an engine! I like the silly ricers out here on the country roads that slam thier cars to the ground and bolt the skirt kits on... and forget the roads here aren't flat! the number of broken skirts I see around here is Hilarious....


Yea, I'm in Maryland and most of the roads are shite. I don't understand why people lower and kit their everyday drivers. Sure, the lower your car is, the better it will handle, but it's like they lack common sense trying to get the car about 1mm from the pothole-happy pavement.

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I agree with ya dude. I hate tuner imports A.K.A. "rice". Body kits are cool but once you go over a speedbump with your lowrider, you'll lose ur front end. I drive a 1993 Buick Century estate wagon and I restored to Mint condition. I also have a woodgrain voyager 1990 and it is also mint condition. I know what ur saying about doing stupid things to ur car. LITERALLY GIRLS DON'T DIG FART IN A CAN MOBILE!! I tell people with supped up cars "nice lawnmower. can you cut my grass?" or "fart in a can". I'll never tint my windows on my cars because at night, you can't see other cars beside you nor your mirrors. Thank you for listening to my chattering. If I were a car, I'd be a rambler


I agree with ya dude. I see people lowering their cars and I say to my self "drive over a speed bump and see what you will get". I can't stand the wet fart mufflers. I tell owners of wet fart mobiles "nice Lawnmower". I drive a 1993 Buick Century estate wagon and I love it. CYA L8R M8


I drive an '85 crown Vic... Beautiful car... and I've tinted the windows to what some would call bordering on the legal limit... I love my tinted windows. You get used to using that at night... If I were to lower that boat, I'd do it right, so I could lift it back up at the push of a button if need be... That's what the ricers need to figure out... Real Lowriders put the tech in thier cars for a reason... and they didn't have to worry about plastic skirt kits!


toronto and vancover are the only places with air care in canada but they are nessary for safty inspections after you can remove them none of my cars have cats in them or are quiet nasty duals on my 5.0L and a fart can on my bmw i have gotten 5 noise warnings for my 5.0L becouse their are mufflers on it they couldent give me a ticket


Now that is a really cool car, cooler than my Buick Century Estate wagon. I hope it runs good but be careful because if you get rear-ended on the highway, your car will be engulfed in flames. my weekly buddies friend has an 85 Grand Marquis LS. I Like older cars for their horns because the Dual tone train like horns are the kind THAT ACTUALLY GET PEOPLES ATTENTION!! what would you rather hear on a Boat Like car? Meep Meep, or HOOOOOOOOOONNNNNKKKKK? Meep Meep says "excuse me. sorry" while HONK says "GET THE F..... OUT OF THE WAY!!!". I really Like the Crown Victoria A lot and I hope yours runs fantastick-o. PS What colour is it and is it the station wagon or just the sedan? PS#2 Does it have cruise control? Sorry for all the chattering. If I were a car, I'd be a Rambler because I go on and on and on.


1985 4-dr Sedan 351 Windsor White with White Vinyl top Beige interior Runs good... The Station wagon version is a "Country Squire" Wagon. (Which I would certainly drive if I happened to own one...) and the only way I can see one turning into a rolling molotov from a rear end collision is if it was an Ex-Police model. Due to the location of the screws for the equipment mounting brackets the sharp ends were pointing into the tank... otherwise... the rear collision would have to be quite hard. Sure you weren't thinking of the imfamous Pinto? ;)


Nope, I wasn't thinking of the "All American Death Trap" but I heard about the 1983- 1997 Lincoln Town Car along with the Crown Victoria and Grand Marquis have problems with the Location of the gas tank and like you said, It will turn into a rolling Molotov from a rear end Collision. I definitely knew about the Country Squire wagon along with the Grand Marquis's Colony Park estate wagon also. I have to admit your car is actually a safe car because i read in the Lemon-Aid Guide that the 1985 Crown Vic/ Grand Marquis/ Town Car would protect the driver and front passenger at an above average rating I think. here is a Joke for you about the pinto: PINTO Pushed In Neutral Too Often Put In Nickel To Operate Paid Inspector Nicely To Overlook Putting In New Transmission Often I hope you Like the Jokes about the Infamous Pinto ;D

im working on a pet peeve paper and this is what im doing it on i hate the damn "ricers" with there dumb ass body kits and there gay ass loud exhaust on there faded painted 99 honda civic. i also hate how mexicans go about customizing there cars using useless chrome accents like stick on side vents and the way they put 13 inch tiers on there trucks. like do they really think that looks good?? another thing that i dont like and i wanted to see if you all have this pet peeve to is when people have like the basic version of a car like lets say a dodge charger with the v6 engien with cloth interior and other basic items and they try to make it in to an srt8 and they use the wrong parts that arnt on an srt8 like the exhaust tips and every thing and dosnt have to sound of a 6.1 v8 engien and they slap on an srt8 emblem and drive around and talk about there car like its something that it really isnt that really is my pet peeve cuz most people that now alot about cars can see that stuff and can tell v6 from an srt8 v8. wanna here what you all think about that.

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